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We Met & Interviewed 4 Mentors And Discovered ONE IDEA They All Had In Common - And TESTED it.

Male Mentor - 400 Million Sm Biz Insurance Sales

Female Mentor - 100 Million a Year Weight Loss Sales

Male Mentor - 1 Billion Dollars in Insurance Sales

Female Mentor - 2 Billion Dollar MLM Company Owner

Result #1 - A Millionaire Dentist Bought us a 1000.00 Ticket to a Party in Texas.

Result #2 - A Prospect Gave Us 5000.00 For Our Sales Letter.

Result #3 - All of Our Small Biz Owner Clients Grow Their Sales by 2X to 10X.

NEXT We Bought a 7200.00 Affirmation. Attracted 11K Extra in WEIRD Ways - in 2 weeks.

THEN Paid a Millionaire Moolah Attraction Mentor 1000's To Watch Her Help (Literally thousands) Attract More Munny.

COMBINED - SIMPLIFIED - Idiot-Proofed All of the Above into 3 MONEY ATTRACTION STEPS - Guaranteed to Work for you too.



  • "The BEST Money-Making-System

  • We've Found In 28 Yrs of Interviewing
  • Self Made Millionaires"
  • Dear Friend,

    Thanks for Reading the WEIRD STORY I Stapled to the Top of this letter.

    Why Did I Put it up There?

    ONE REASON - To Grab Your ATTENTION Long Enough to TELL you we're GIVING AWAY the 3 Magical-Money-Magnet Steps Below.

    So You Can TEST Our Moolah Attraction System out Yourself. Make some Extra Dinero. Then PERHAPS - Order THE REST OF OUR Book - with More Detailed Directions - out of your Extra Loot.

    MORE than Fair.

    Don't you Agree?

    Let's Make You Some Moolah!

    FIRST -

    How Did We Meet These 4 Super Affluent Mentors?


    #1 - We Paid 15K in Cash to Attend a Jay Abraham Bootcamp.

    #2 - S*old 1.2 Million more seats - in order to go back 15 Times to meet Self Made M*illionaires.

    #3 - Started Making Millionaires MORE Money by sharing my collection of 7 Figure Case Studies - from our "Millionaire Mastermind Marketing Association" Newsletter - Archives.

    #4 - We Paid 44,000.00 to Meet Self Made Millionaires in the House of a 426 Million mentor.

    - Those Millionaire Entrepreneurs - We Met Referred us to Their Affluent Friends all over the world.


    Enough About Me.

    AS PROMISED - The 3 Moolah Attraction Steps so You Can Start Making Money.



    (I Am The CHIEF IDIOT) Idiot-Proof Moolah Attraction - STEP I, II, III -

    STEP I - Go out and Buy 5 or 10 or 20 One Dollar Instant Scratch Off LOTTO Tickets.

    STEP II - Thank your Waitress, Clerk, Cashier, Bartender - Hand her a LOTTO ticket and say, "A Thank you Reward for your help. I hope you Win a 1000.00"

    C - Under Your Breath - Silently say, "Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for my TEN TIMES RETURN." And Once a day - Write that same Affirmation 25 times.


    Seems too Simple, right?

    But When You TAKE ACTION you will Find out It's NOT So Simple to Actually Do it.

    Why "Idiot-Proof"?

    Because I am The "Chief Idiot" I designed this moolah Attraction System to make money for.

    A - When I started with my Moolah Attraction Mentors System it took me 2 weeks to Manifest a dime.

    My Manifesting System is Much Much Faster.


    I Do Not Have The Patience to Wait 2 Weeks to SHOW ME SOME MUNNY.

    B - Remember - My results are not Your Results. After all - it has Taken Me Several days to Manifest 500 bucks.

    C - Some of my Clients make me look Sick! They Manifest 5 or 6 Figures in 48 hours. WHY? Because they ALREADY Tithe.

    And this System simply OPENS the Moolah Door Wider so they Attract More Money MUCH FASTER.

    EDITORS NOTE - We Will Now Observe 60 Seconds of Silence to FEEL JEALOUS of These Lucky SOB's. SIGH.)


    My Own SLOW POKE Moolah Attraction Skills are The REASON WHY we Wrote this book.

    If I can do it - so can you.

    And YES.

    We Started with Small Amounts of Tipping - So Everyone Can Afford to Test This out.

    Plus this Explains REASON WHY #2. Why We Created a "LIVE" money attraction thread thru the entire book.

    So You Can EXPERIENCE What We Do and Get Ideas to Adapt to YOUR SITUATION.

    Remember Our Small Goal?

    Write a book while we (Step by Step) Walk you thru how we Attracted 606.00 to Pay for our Car Insurance.

    (EDITORS NOTE - Hint - It helps A LOT of you Set Small - Medium - Larger Money Goals. And Track Your Progress towards them.)




    INTRODUCTION - How We Meet So Many Self Made M*illionaires.

    CHAPTER #1 - How to Prepare For Your Extra Cash Showing Up in WEIRD WAYS.

    CHAPTER #2 - WEIRD MUNNY in your Pocket.

    A - How You Too Can Get 10.00 of F-r-e-e Food At Wendy's Restaurants.

    B - How To Make Extra Cash In a Different Way

    CHAPTER #3 - B*illionaire Mark Cuban - "How to Get Rich" Article...

    A - Mark says that the Best Way to Start Making MORE MUNNY is to Start Right Where You Are.

    B - You Get Specific - Proven Ways to do that.

    CHAPTER #4 - How We Use LOTTO Tickets to Make Clients $ At Restaurants - Case Study

    A - Funny, How we Actually got 105 Bucks from a Neighbor - While Lotto Tipping to create Case Studies for this book.

    CHAPTER #5 - Helen's TESTIMONIAL Thank You Card/1.00 Bill Tipping Restaurant Fun

    A - How to Lotto Ticket on Behalf of 12 Women Friends.

    CHAPTER #6 - Do-It-Yourself Business Owner Builds a Business On Top of LOTTO Ticket Thank You System.

    A - Find Out How a Guy With a Job Is Now Using a LOTTO Ticket Referral System we Wrote for him to DOUBLE His Income.

    B - Both Sides of the ONE PAGE Lotto Ticket Referral System

    CHAPTER #7 - TESTIMONIAL - What Happens When Fiona 1.00 Bill TIPS All Thru The Meal?

    A - Her Waiter is So Happy he Begs Her For a Job.

    CHAPTER #8 - Joey Rescues His Relationship with a Thank You Note

    A - Joey Borrowed an Idea that Has Gotten Divorced Couples To Re-Marry!

    CHAPTER #9 - "How THANK YOU CARD Tipping Turned a Prospect into a Client."

    A - You Hear The STORY of How Thank You LOTTO Tipping Persuaded a Prospect to Hire us for Consulting.

    CHAPTER #10 - TESTIMONIAL - IZZY Gives Lotto Tickets to Her Family to Give to Her Waiter.

    A - You Can Do All The Tipping OR

    B - You Can Teach your Guests or Prospects How to Give Away Moolah too.

    CHAPTER #11 - "Why Lacy Was HAPPY to HELP Me Reduce My Restaurant Bill By 75%"

    A - We Bring an Entire Freeze Dried Meal into A Restaurant

    B - Persuade The Waitress to Bring us HOT WATER.

    C - How We Cut Our Bill By 75%

    CHAPTER #12 - TESTIMONIAL - How Chris SPREADS 1.00 Bill Tipping To Other Diners

    A - I Usually Bring One Prospect to Lunch

    B - Chris brought a group with him to dinner

    C - How Tipping the Waitress Became a Competition!

    CHAPTER #13 - "Can You Help Me Be A Marketing Consultant RIGHT NOW?"

    A - Special Forces Buyer is Bored.

    B - Wants to Do Marketing Consulting RIGHT AWAY.

    C - Tom Agrees to Be My Avatar - Puppet

    D - Step by Step Details on how Tom Used Lotto And 1.00 Bill tipping to Help a Restaurant owner S*ell 38% More Food.

    CHAPTER #14 - TESTIMONIAL - Why Gary Gets VIP Service While Others Wait in LONG Lines

    A - How Gary Adapted 1.00 Bill Tipping to Get Fantastic Service at the Post Office.

    CHAPTER #15 - "Celebrating Progress Attracting $ to Pay My 606.10 Car Insurance Bill"

    A - How We Attracted 138 Bucks - Unexpectedly.

    B - Weird Way another 400.00 Fell on my head - out of the sky

    CHAPTER #16 - "My Jacked Up Method for Speeding Up Moolah Attraction"

    A - How We Adapted a Proven Idea from a Moolah Attraction Mentor to Speed Extra Cash Attraction Up.

    B - Word for Word What we do.

    CHAPTER #17 - TESTIMONIAL - My Waitress Hugs Me After I Gave Her ONE Thank You Card

    A - Do Not Buy This Book if You Can't Stand to Be HUGGED.

    CHAPTER #18 - Imitating B*illionaires - Tipping Two Waitresses At Once - Case Study

    A - How Andrew Carnegie and Other B*illionaires Create a Competition to Sell more.

    B - How You Can Create Competition in any Restaurant

    C - WARNING - This will attract Attention. So Be Ready to SMILE at the Manager.

    CHAPTER #19 - Set Small Money-Attraction Goals & Watch Your Behavior Change

    A - Everybody wastes a few D*ollars a day on Expensive Coffee, Snacks, Cola, Lunch.

    B - What if you Used some of Your THROW AWAY C*ash to Make 10 TIMES more?

    C - We Set a Small Goal to Demonstrate - How Beginners can Get Started Making More C*ASH.

    CHAPTER #20 - TESTIMONIAL - How Scott Went From Installer to Cable TV S*ales SuperStar

    A - Just Suppose You Tip a PHOTO of Your Waitress Instead of a 1.00 Bill or LOTTO ticket?

    B - Or You Use A Fancy iPhone to Take Pics and Ask Your Waitress, "Which one do you Like Best - so I can Email it to your phone?"

    C - How Scott S*old So Many Cable TV Subscriptions his company Could Not Keep Up.

    CHAPTER #21 - We Took a Friend to an *Pay-It-Forward* Lunch -

    A - How we Got 14.00 of F-r-e-e Food.

    CHAPTER #22 - TESTIMONIAL - "Morton Attracts Women" - An UNFortunate Side Effect Of LOTTO TIPPING-You Meet Beautiful Women.

    CHAPTER #23 - Why We Offer a 365 Day 100% Moolah Back Guarantee on This Book

    A - Just Suppose You Got Better Food?

    B - Just Suppose you got MORE Food?

    C - Just Suppose You Got F-r-e-e Refills of your drinks and Bread?

    D - Just Suppose you are Age 40 and Get a Senior Citizen Discount?

    E - Just Suppose Your Bill is WRONG - in your Favor!

    F - Just Suppose The Chef Comes out of the Kitchen to Thank you

    G - Just Suppose Small Biz Owners at Other Tables Come over to Chat?

    H - Just Suppose You Meet The Manager AND The Owner - Consistently?

    I - AND ON TOP Of all of the Above - You Attract 10X More than you Give Away in Tips.

    JUST SUPPOSE There is NO RISK at All in Our Giving You a 365 Day - 100% Moolah Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

    CHAPTER #24 - TESTIMONIAL - Eric's Favorite Diner Testimonial -

    A - Have you ever had a Waiter GIVE you The China and Silverware. The REAL stuff - not the plastic.

    B - Find Out How Eric - the Night-Janitor - Did Just that.

    CHAPTER #25 - We Told The Waitress, *Can U Heat Up These 2 Freeze Dried Meals Please?*

    A - Heh heh heh - We Use LOTTO tickets to Get Our Waiterss to HELP us Test out FOOD-POUCH Meals for Campers.

    CHAPTER #26 - Waitress Traci Sits Down At Our Table - Owner Puts Her Back To Work.

    A - Get Ready for Your Waitress to CONFESS Intimate Details of her life. Drug Usage. Huge Debts. Bad Boyfriends.

    CHAPTER #27 - WEIRD - Much - Much Better than MUNNY! We Attracted A Mastermind Group INVITE

    CHAPTER #28 - Ooops - We Manifested 629.00 Instead of 606.10



    INTRODUCTION - How We Meet So Many Self Made M*illionaires.


    You may know that we travelled to 15 Jay Abraham bootcamps in the 1990's to meet Self Made M*illionaires.

    You won't Know that M*illionaires Referred me to Their Affluent Friends - cuz we helped them make more moolah.

    You Don't Know That 100% of the M*illionaires and the Handful of folks worth Hundreds of M*illions and the 3 Self Made B*illionaires we've met ALL HAVE SOMETHING IN COMMON.

    >center>All The R*ich People We've Met Give Munny Away In A Systematic Way - No Stops and Starts to Their Giving.


    Because giving makes them Feel good. Helps others. YESSIREE. But Systematic Giving Attracts MORE MUNNY to them.

    Which is one Reason Why The R*ICH get R*icher and others DO NOT. The R*ich give consistently.

    YOU SAY, "I Don't Have Enough Money to Give Away. I Am Not Yet R*ICH.

    We Disagree.

    Just Suppose You Started SMALL with a Proven System you can Afford. And Grew Your Giving Bit by Bit based on What Moolah you have in your Pockets now?

    Just Suppose...

    You Have Our 365 Day - 100% Moolah Back Guarantee that we've Discovered and Tested A Proven Munny Making System. A Munny-Magnet Plan that Attracts Dinero in SO Many Ways. On so many levels - that you LITERALLY Cannot Fail to Make More Than you P*ay Out?

    What then?



    Knowing all of the Above and Struggling to Apply and Adapt the "GIVE MUNNY - GET 10X MUNNY BACK Formula - for myself...

    We Discovered And Tested a MORE MUNNY System that works for - Non-M*illionaires.


    A few years ago I stumbled across an Internet Sales Letter.

    A - It Said, "PAY Me 7200.00 and We'll Teach You How to Attract Money.

    B - "But Don't Take MY WORD for it.

    C - "Test out the following Moolah Attraction Affirmation. IF You don't Attract More than our 7200.00 Fee - Do Not Sign Up."


    "Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for My TEN TIMES Return"



    We've made a LOT of Extra THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS by saying this Affirmation each time we give away munny. (And we P*aid the 7200.00 to Learn more.)

    So I Am Passing it on Here.

    No Charge.

    YOU SAY, "Why Write a book?"

    ANSWER - Because Our Decades of Testing Multiple ways to Make Extra CASH from the idea - ADDS a Lot of Value.

    ***AND Perhaps you Don't Want to Spend 10 YEARS testing as we did.

    ***AND Maybe You Can BENEFIT from Step By Step DIRECTIONS to Make Extra CASH on Many Different Levels.

    ASK Yourself 3 Levels of QUESTIONS:

    LEVEL I - Extra C*ASH Face to Face -

    #1 - "Do Gorgeous (Single) Women Come over to me in Restaurants, Parties and Sports Bars?

    #2 - "Do I Get Fantastic Service Everywhere I go?

    #3 - "Do I Consistently Meet and Get Compliments from the manager or Owner?

    LEVEL II - Extra C*ASH From Home -

    #4 - "Do I Staple LOTTO tickets to Letters to Make Munny?

    #5 - "Do I Paypal 1.00 Bill Thank You Letters to Clients and Prospects? Which boost s*ales AND Attract $ in Weird Ways BOTH?

    #6 - "Do Customers Email and Call You To say, "THANK YOU for the Lotto Ticket"? Then Buy your product or service?

    LEVEL III - Extra C*ASH On The Phone -

    #7 - "Do You FedX A S*ales Letter With a Possible 400 MIL Winning LOTTO ticket Attached? Then CALL.

    #8 - "Do You Phone a Prospect After Paypal-ing a Thank You 1.00 AND Snail Mailing a Funny Stuffed Toy? (Flying cows/Elephants work best for me. Instantly Reach THE Boss?)

    #9 - "Do You Create ANTICIPATION in a Client/Prospect by Emailing them DIRECTIONS on how to Make Moolah with the FLYING COW -zooming across the country to them via UPS?

    (EDITORS NOTE - If You Are Wondering HOW MUCH EXTRA CASH Munny Will Come to You from #1 thru #9 - Read Our Book of DIRECTIONS and Get Started.)


    CHAPTER #1 - Your Extra Cash Arrives in WEIRD WAYS.

    We should Warn You Just a Bit.

    What to Expect.

    You'll Find Your Extra Cash Arrives in WEIRD Ways. And It All Depends on HOW you Give Away Money.

    Three Ideas From My Money Giving Habits

    ***A - You Can PayPal people moolah. Then Say The Affirmation out loud.

    ***B - You Can Staple a 1.00 Bill to a Thank You Letter. Say the Affirmation.

    ***C - You Can Staple a 1.00 Instant Scratch off LOTTO ticket to a Thank You Letter. Then say The Affirmation.

    Here's Where Things Get a Bit WEIRD.

  • You Don't Get Munny Back from the person you Give Dinero to.
  • INSTEAD You get Checks in the mail.
  • PayPal purchases from total strangers.
  • Refund Checks from your Electric and Phone/Internet Company.
  • **********************

    CHAPTER #2 - WEIRD MUNNY in your Pocket.

    BELOW is Our Successful - Systematic Way to ATTRACT Extra Munny - While helping People in your community.

    Everybody has to eat.

    Most of us dine out at a Restaurant or DriveThru. Or go Shopping at a Grocery Store.

    So TIP Your Cashier or Waitress.

    ***DIRECTIONS On The Best Way to Attract Extra Moolah From 1.00 Bill Tipping...

    (EDITORS NOTE - 1.00 Bill Tipping works best in a Restaurant or bar where the waiter or barmaid EXPECTS to get tipped with dollars. But LOTTO tickets - work everywhere.)

    Step I - Each Time You Send out money. Every time you 1.00 Tip your Cashier or clerk - Say your affirmation to yourself a couple times. Then Forget it.

    Step II - Our Affirmation Opens a Virtual Door over your head. Thru which money falls like rain.

    Sometimes but not usually - right away... in my experience.

    Step III - THE SECRET to Success is not to EXPECT to get Munny from a Traditional Source.

    Do not Expect Your 10X Windfall to Come to you from the person you 1.00 Bill or LOTTO ticket Tip.

    Be Open Minded.

    OF COURSE there Are Immediate-Easy-To-Spot BENEFITS to Surprising People Around You With LOTTO Tickets Stapled to a Thank You Note.

    This - Immediate Windfall - happened to me Last Week.

    A - The Wendy's Cashier said, "Excuse me. Did you know you can b*uy a charity coupon book for 1.00 that is good for 5 Chocolate Smoothies?"

    (ME - "Nope. I Didn't know that.")

    How I Have Pocked LITERALLY 100's Of Bucks

    B - The Garbage Men smashed 3 of my Plastic Trash cans into Pieces by flipping them high in the air when the Temperature is below Freezing.

    The Frozen Plastic CRACKS down the side.

    After I started Taping LOTTO ticket Thank you Notes to the Trash Can Handle my Garbage can is all in One Piece.

    Do You Buy from amazon.com?

    Do You Put a Thank You Letter for Your Mail Carrier INSIDE Your Mailbox - with a LOTTO ticket Stapled on top?

    C - Lotto Ticket Thank you Notes to my Mail Carrier.


    My Amazon packages are delivered to my door instead of Dumped out by the mail box.

    Clients and B*uyers have Experienced Lots of WEIRD and WONDERFUL Benefits too.

    Check out the REST of our Book.

  • Thanks,
  • Glenn Osborn
  • M*illionaire Mastermind Marketing Association
  • Rentamentor Group
  • Big Red Nose New Idea Testing Network
  • Master of Ceremonies at the B*illionaire Watching Club
  • ==========


    CHAPTER #3 - B*illionaire Mark Cuban - "How to Get Rich" Article...

    Billionaire Mark Cuban says if he had to start over...

    "I'd get a Bartender job at night and Get A S*ales Job by day." He says if you Can S*ELL You can Get Rich.

    And in an article He Wrote Titled: "How to Get Rich" - which is what I googled...(Mark Cuban - How to Get Rich Article)

    Mark Wrote,

    "Being a smart shopper is the first step to getting rich."

    You Ask...

  • BUT
  • HOW
  • DO
  • WE
  • DO
  • THAT?
  • You Can Use Our Proven Menthods.

    The "Instant LOTTO Ticket Tipping System" Gives Our Clients a Proven Template Which Will Both SAVE And MAKE Them Munny as They Spend Their Way Thru Their Day.

    You Can Do This too.

    You Betcha - Clerks, Cashiers, Waitresses and S*alespeople have THE POWER to help you.



    For Example:

    I Like Wendy's Restaurant Chocolate Milkshakes.

    Recently - I Handed the Little Coed Cashier a LOTTO Ticket. And said, "Thank You for helping me today. I hope You WIN 500 bucks like the waitress last week."

    Then I Ordered a Large Chocolate Smoothie.

    SHE SAID, "Excuse me Sir. Have you seen our Charity Coupon books? You get 5 Coupons for a Chocolate Frosty for 1.00."

    Well - Knock me over with a Plastic Spoon.

    2.29 per large frosty X 5 = 11.45

    Subtract 1.00 for the LOTTO TICKET.

    She just handed me TEN DOLLARS worth of F-r-e-e Chocolate Frosties!

    ***Some of our Customers FLIRT with Lotto tickets.

    ***Some of our Clients Use LOTTO Tickets to Make Appointments.

    ***Some Use LOTTO TICKETS as Part of their S*ales and Marketing.

    And This is What Our Book is about...

    Lots and Lots of Suggestions and Moolah attraction DIRECTIONS in the form of Success Stories and Case Studies.





    CHAPTER #4 - How We Use LOTTO Tickets to Make Clients $ At Restaurants

    Recently we got an email from a college Student in Germany.

    Says he Found out about us by reading a small Business Forum.

    Craig (All Names Changed) is in college.

    AND he Passed our LOTTO Ticket Test. Lotto Ticket Tipping Creates INSTANT Rapport with others and Almost Anything is possible.

    Which is WHY I Went The Extra Mile with Craig and Checked out his Local BeerGarden Restaurant.

    Craig DISLIKES the idea of working a job. Which is what college is preparing him for.

    FREEDOM and TIME are Important to him.

    Craig asked me, "How can I make some Extra Munny?"

    Questions revealed that Craig Lifts Weights at a Health Club with his brother.

    Health clubs and Weight Lifting And Supplements are Hi-Profit niches.

    Craig also said he needs to lose a few pounds because he and his brother like to go to Restaurants and EAT and Sample

  • Craft Beer.
  • Beer
  • Wgt Loss
  • Food
  • Restaurants
  • WOW - Craig's life is jam Packed with Hi-Profit Opportunities!

    NEXT Craig Emailed me with an idea he could Get The Owner of a Local Restaurant to P*ay him to bring in new customers. Give away coupons for F-r-e-e Food.


    We Reminded Craig about the BIG MUNNY MAKING IDEA in the book, "The 80/20 Principle" by Koch - which makes his idea Very Difficult.

    That BIG IDEA is -

    Business Owners ONLY TRY & BUY S*ales and Marketing Ideas They Are ALREADY Using. New Ideas SCARE Them.

    Congrats to Craig. He had read the book.

    Naturally Craig Asks, "How do I S*ELL The Restaurant Owner His Own Marketing?"

    We Said, "Send me a link to the Restaurant website." And we'll Check it out together.

    No Website.

    But Craig Sent me the Restaurant FaceBook page.

    AHA! Customer Comments.

    We Told Craig, "Let's put three of the Testimonials on a Flyer. Then Put The Restaurants Top 3 Best S*elling Desserts on the Back."

    Then You Give Away LOTTO TICKETS to Your Waitress to Create TRUST.

    Explain the flyer is proven to Boost Food S*Ales and thus Raise her Tips.

    Then CRAIG hands out Flyers to patrons OUTSIDE the Restaurant.

    And ASKS them, "Which Dessert Do You LIKE BEST?"

    Dessert Sales JUMP.

    Something Good Happens for Craig. Extra C*ash. F-r-e-e Food or Both.

    LOTTO TICKET Tipping is what makes this possible.

    And Because the Girls KNOW you are helping them make better tips. You Get Their Tacit Permission to show patrons your flyer.


    SIDE A of the Flyer Reads Like This. (Translated from German to English)

    What ________ Restaurant Customers Say:


    "Was eating several times with the better half in the wooden house, every time extremely delicious! The service is very friendly and especially the portions are full! We are happy to visit here often with an empty stomach.


    "Great atmosphere in a cozy house. With the entrance of the house comes feel-good character. Food tastes very good, also from the price great! Can only recommend this house.


    "Every dog has its own day" and so did we "balkans" that we finally came to see the real restaurant with the real tubs in the somun. Excellent taste of meat with home-made bacon. Fantasia. The interior is harmonious and tasteful.


    Top 3 Best Selling Desserts:







    Three Possible Out-comes -

    Among others - We Boosted Drive-Thru S*ales at 3 McDonalds Restaurant in Kansas 9% - 11% and 7% with just the "TOP 3 DESSERTS Sign."

    FIRST OUTCOME - Best Case - The Biz Owner Uses The Flyer. Because the content comes from HIS OWN FaceBook Page! Hires Craig to "Do MORE."

    SECOND OUTCOME - The #1 Waitress Tries the idea. SELLS MORE DESSERTS. Then Sticks the Flyer in her Bra. Hauls it out to SECRETLY share with each group of Diners. When Craig sits in her section she Hugs Him Frequently. And Piles his plate high.

    THIRD OUTCOME - The Waitresses and the manager or the owner THANK Craig for his efforts. Refuse to use his flyer. But he Gets AMAZING Service and Fantastic Food and Extra Beer and Snacks...Because Craig is STILL LOTTO Tipping. And the Wait staff KNOW he Tried to help!

    Possible POSITIVE MOOLAH ENERGY RESULTS - Craig says the Munny-Magic-AFFIRMATION every time he LOTTO Tips and Suddenly Finds C*ash on the street. Gets B-Day checks from Relatives. Friends suddenly Give him moolah. His college decides he overpaid and issue him a refund check.





    CHAPTER #5 - Helen's TESTIMONIAL Thank You Card/1.00 Bill Tipping Restaurant Fun

    You Too Can Take Advantage of the fact that SO FEW Restaurant Diners THANK and REWARD their Server.


    Hey Glenn,

    Well, as I told you in my previous email, it looked like it was going to be a long wait at the restaurant. But with the ***thank you card strategy*** to the hostess it took all of 5 min. for us to get the table.

    My friend who was standing next to me, didn't see what I was writing, but saw that I had given the card to the receptionist, and was intensely curious as to what I had done when we got the table so fast.

    Smiling, I told her I would show her later in the evening. When we were seated, I purposely took the chair closest to the walkway. When the waiter came (we lucked out and got a good looking guy) we all ordered.

    When he returned I made eye contact with him and gave him my order. He gave me good eye contact back and took me as the one in charge of the table.

    We all chose separate checks, which you could see somewhat bothered him because he would have to do 12 different totals instead of one.

    I slipped out ***a dollar*** from my purse and gave it to him when my friends were finishing up their orders. I told him thank you. We continued with our chatting while waiting for our meals. He came right back with our breadsticks and salad. (Another dollar).

    Then he was back again within 5 min. letting us know that our meals were cooking and that they should be out shortly. Now remember this restaurant was full, every table was full. He also refilled a few drinks. I was having a lot of fun. I was visiting with friends I hadn't seen in years, and was getting great service fo us with just a few little tricks I learned from you.

    A few minutes later, he walked past again and smiled at me. Just me. I knew then that the NLP was working. Our food was done and he brought it out along with a few other guys. It was piping hot and was delicious. When he was done setting the food out, I gave him another dollar and thanked him again for his top notch service.

    The evening went great. The girls commented on how attentive he was, all the while never noticing that I had given him a few dollars during the meal. When the meal was over, he brought back our tickets...all 12 of them. I paid with my credit card, so I put it in the pouch along with a $5 bill.

    I also decided to write a quick thank you note.

    When he brought back our receipts, he had given our table a 10% discount. (I have no idea what for, but accepted it). I took you advice from another free e-zine...(the dollar tipping) and thought the evening was a huge success.

    I would love to try more of these ideas and give you feedback if you will let me. Oh, the friend that was so curious as to what I had given the hostess called me up the next evening and begged me to tell her what I had said to get such fast service. I told her that it was the thank you card.

    She was surprised that was what it was, and that it had worked so well. I told her that she was there front and center to see it happen before her eyes. So now she is a believer as well as myself.

    You may use this for your testimonials if you would like. Just do not use my last name.






    You Might say, "But I don't Go to Restaurants much."


    You can easily adapt what Helen did from Your Home computer. Or from your iPhone. STAY TUNED. Find Out how we Do it.


    What Might Helen's Restaurant Thank You Note Have Said?

    Thanks Mike,

    I Appreciate your Help Entertaining 11 of my Former High School Girl Friends. And For Double Checking with the chef - on my behalf. Helen

    SECOND -

    What Can YOU Thank your Waitress For in Print?


    Thanks Angela,

  • Thanks again for bringing me samples
  • of the Soup of the day to taste. And for
  • refilling my friends Iced Tea and the extra
  • rolls. Glenn
  • ---------------

    And Why not hand her the Card AND a LOTTO ticket all at the same time?

    THIRD - How We Thank You Note Tip Clients AND Prospects Using PAYPAL.

    I - Paypal Does Not Charge you a cent when you send a 1.00 Gift to a friend.

    II - Paypal also gives you a nice "Message Box" to Type your Thank you note into.

    III - The PayPal Subject Line GUARANTEES Your Thank You Email gets Opened. Because it says, "You Have Money!"

    IV - Here's The Kind of Thank you Notes we send out to VIP Newsletter Subscribers via PayPal...


    Dear Cathy,

    Please Take a Peek At This LINK to my Favorite New Clients and Extra Munny Attraction Affirmation. Test it yourself. Let me know what happens!

    Glenn (I sent her the link to a Biz Forum.)


    Try This Idea Out Yourself.

    You Understand?

    You can Use PayPal to do 1.00 Bill Tipping - Pay it Forward Munny Attraction from home.

    Or from your Phone.





    CHAPTER #6 - Do-It-Yourself Business Owner Builds a Business On Top of LOTTO Ticket Thank You System


    One of the reasons Why Caleb is so Successful is He LOTTO TICKET tips where ever he goes thru the day.

    AND has taught the students he has signed up to the Real Estate Training Program.

    They LOTTO ticket tip too.

    I BELIEVE this is the REASON My Client, Caleb, has passed Six Figures in S*ales for a Real Estate Biz Opp and Investment Club.

    Caleb called me, "I found a guy who wants to Join. But he can't p*ay cuz he is working all night as a SheetRock Installer."

    We said, "Give him our LOTTO TICKET Test. If he can Say "Thank you" and Give Away Money - I'll double his income - so he can afford to join you."

    Jake passed the Test.

    Jake Soon Discovered The Munny from His Part Time Biz Replaced The Job He HATED.

    So we Chatted by phone.

    Turns out Jake had fixed Holes in 5 Homes - working for himself.

    So we Set Jake up with a ONE PAGE REFERRAL SYSTEM.

    Step I - We found out Jake had 5 private customers whose homes he had fixed holes in walls in - already. And would LUV To Get More.

    Step II - While Practicing his LOTTO tipping Jake told me, "I told the gas Station Cashier how I fix Holes in walls. Then handed her a couple of LOTTO tickets.

    STEP III - (Jake said next time he stopped for gas - the Cashier had found a Home owner who needed a wall fixed for him!)

    STEP IV - So we typed up One Page:



    "Do-It-Yourself Home Wall Repair...

    "Call These Happy Customers to Check on How We Make Holes in Your Walls Disappear.

    His Client List - Goes down the Rest of the page.


    "Before and After Photo of Hole in Wall Left By a Plumber..."


    And soon....

    Jake called me to Report he had quit his NIGHT Job. And was finding Sheet rock Repair work by LOTTO tipping several Different Convenience store clerks.

    AND Jake is Not doing the work HIMSELF anymore. He hires other Sheet Rock guys who are moon-Lighting from their "Regular" jobs.

    Caleb is happy because Jake Paid him 2000.00 to Join the Real Estate Club.




    We suggest you Flirt Tip Practice with LOTTO tickets a bit before you Begin to Set up Your Own LOTTO TICKET Referral System.


    Because it is Extra Work - the Cashiers have to LIKE YOU to refer you clients.

    The LOTTO TICKET Thank you Rewards Make all of this possible.





    CHAPTER #7 - TESTIMONIAL - What Happens When Fiona 1.00 Bill TIPS All Thru The Meal?


    I tested the Dollar Bill Tipping while going out to dinner with some friends.

    It was simply amazing.

    My friends and the waiter were looking at me like I was on crack.

    I gave out the dollar tip and a "Thank You" for everything the waiter did. Take our order, bring drinks, refill drinks.

    Other waiters came out to help us during the meal.

    Towards the end of our meal the waiters were all hovering over our table like vultures.

    This really pissed off the other tables, they were complaining to the manager.

    This 1.00 Bill Flirt Tipping stuff is pretty powerful. You have my permission to share this success with others and use it in your marketing.





    What Fiona is NOT telling us is she is a BEAUTIFUL WOMAN.

    Pretty Women who FLIRT with Their Waiters AND Thank Them. AND Reward Them with Extra Dinero DURING the meal are RARE AS HENS TEETH.

    (As we say out here in the country)

    So it IS Possible other women at other tables GOT JEALOUS.


    100's of our World Wide Mastermind Network of MEN have been doing 1.00 bill and Lotto tipping in Restaurants For YEARS.

    No Complaints from anybody.

    But IF you Thank your Waitress - YOU WILL GET A Positive REACTION!

    Cuz all of her other Patrons COMPLAIN!

    And IF you 1.00 Bill/LOTTO TIP DURING the meal.

    NONE of her other customers EVER do that.

    So - YES it IS Normal to Attract More than One Waiter or Waitress to your table.

    AND the manager.

    OR the owner. Who THANK YOU For Rewarding their Staff!





    CHAPTER #8 - Joey Rescues His Relationship with a Thank You Note

    Why include a Thank you note - all by itself - Testimonial?

    To Demonstrate the Power of Thank you notes - Separate from the 1.00 and LOTTO tipping.



    I forgot how I came across Your Free Ezine site, but I read it, tried it, and reaped the benefits!

    My fiancee and I have a good relationship, but I know I'm not as emotionally satisfying as she needs. We don't argue all the time, but we don't snuggle all the time either...

    She had been mad at me for a couple of days straight, and you know how stressful that can be. Then I remembered some of the techniques you used. Up until that point, I wanted to take you up on your offer, but I didn't know how I was going to do it.

    So, one morning she was going to drive me to work, and I happened to get in the car a few minutes before her. That was my oppurtunity!

    I picked up an old piece of junk mail and began to write something like this on the back of it:

    "Thank you, (Name Here), for sticking with me when even I don't know why you do it. Thank you for caring for me and about me when I don't seem to appreciate it. Thank you for changing my life in the most positive way. (And to add a little about her kids from a previous marriagepastedGraphic.png

    Thank you for introducing me to two works in progress that have taught me more than I ever could have taught them...

    She got in the car, and we had our normal arguing/conversating thing going on all the way to work. We got there, and I said, "Pick me up at such and such time." and handed her the junk mail face down. I got out the car and pointed at the junk mail. She read it as I went in to work.

    When I got off of work, she was so lovey-dovey, and she talked about how she didn't know what she was going to do about us and how she thought I was starting to dislike the kids, and blah blah blah... But the point is she felt a lot better about our relationship.

    I give her booster shots by bringing her (non-alcoholic) drinks when she's on the computer. And I complement her endeavors more. All of this adds up to her being happier in general which means I'm less stressed.

    "You can use this in any of your marketing - Glenn."

    Thanks so much,





    You might ask, "What does this have to do with "PAYING IT FORWARD" Or Giving Away Munny or LOTTO ticket Tipping?


    Saying "THANK YOU" Is Powerful. Especially because so few do it.


    A Written 3 by 5 Card THANK YOU is TEN TIMES more potent than a verbal Thanks.

    AND When you Give a THANK YOU Dinero REWARD to your clerk, cashier, barmaid, waitress - Which Combines a Written 3 by 5 Card THANK YOU and a THANK YOU REWARD in the form of a series of LOTTO tickets.

    -- We can Tell you from EXPERIENCE it has 100 TIMES Greater impact.

    Don't take our word.

    TRY THIS for yourself.




    CHAPTER #9 - "How THANK YOU CARD Tipping Turned a Prospect into a Client."


    Thanks to my 426 M*illion D*ollar Mentor - Walter Hailey - who taught us to give 3 by 5 Card THANK YOU NOTES to Waiters and Waitresses while lunching with clients.

    ...And to Include the Client-Prospect in the fun...

    ...We Like to Combine 1.00 Bill Tipping and 3 by 5 Thank you note tipping IN FRONT of Client-Prospects. While discussing ideas for THEIR Business.

    Since this "Thank-You-Note-LUNCH-Strategy" Helped Walter to Singlehandedly sell 500 M*illion d*ollars of insurance...

    It's difficult to Dismiss Walters idea without Trying it yourself.


    We recently took a prospect to lunch.

    Our college coed Waitress -Terri- Brought two menus.

    I held up a 1.00 Bill and a 50.00 bill With Donald Trumps Face on the front.

    (All kinds of Fake Munny available at amazon.com)

  • Then we said,
  • "I'd like to Give you a tip.
  • Which do you want?
  • Donald or a Dollar?"
  • Terri took the 1.00. (We said, "Wise decision. You can't spend Donald.)

    Next I asked about the Soup of the day.

    And asked Terri, "Which soup is the mildest? I don't like all the hot spices."

    Terri suggested I try the Lobster Bisque.

    So I Ordered a cup of Lobster Bisque. It was very mild. Perfect.

    So I got a pen and a 3 by 5 Card out of my shirt pocket and wrote her a THANK YOU NOTE. (Which I showed to my Prospect.)


  • THANK YOU TERRI for knowing which
  • Soup to Suggest that didn't have
  • all the Old Bay Spices. Much Appreciated. Glenn
  • ---------------

    When she came back I told her, "I wrote you a Thank you note."

    Handed her the card.

    Terri GLOWED. And told me that she always tastes the soup BEFORE her shift starts so she can tell her customers what to order.

    IN TURN - I told her, "In my experience most waitresses don't do that. They tell me the soup is all the same."

    "Thanks," I said. Here is another 1.00 for your help.


    Total Strangers Often Tell You DARK SECRETS

    Terri spent a lot of time chatting with two strange men. And Revealed that her FiancÚ had just thrown her out of his parents house. Where they were living while they saved up for a house.

    No Warning.

    She said, "One day he just said, "It's Over. You Should Leave."

    So after 2 years wasted with THE BUM - she is back living with her mother and taking college courses. Which she is p*aying for by waitressing.

    Which is THE REASON WHY she told us, "Come in Monday thru Saturday. I'm always here. I work 6 days a week."




    My Prospect is now a Client.

    Tom said, "That was FUN. I'd like to send you some MONEY.

    Tom Told us, "IF One Thank You Note and a couple 1.00 bills can Create TOTAL TRUST with a waitress. I wanna try Your idea to send 1000's in the form of Thank You Note Special Reports, to my list."

    (EDITORS NOTE A - You Might COMPARE Your Experience Giving Away 5 or 10 or more LOTTO TICKETS to your Waitress to Our MOST PROFITABLE Marketing Strategy Ever... on behalf of small business clients. )

    (EDITORS NOTE B - Our Clients Get 2X to 10X Results "ALMOST" Every Single time. Using THE SAME Strategy We're Sharing in The Book. Just Chunked down Smaller - So Anybody can Do it. )

    (EDITORS NOTE C - Why "almost"? Because sometimes a small business owner can't grow fast enough to handle so much extra business so fast.)





    CHAPTER #10 - TESTIMONIAL - IZZY Gives Lotto Tickets to Her Family to Give to Her Waiter

    Here is an Example of LOTTO Ticket Tipping The Whole Family Can Enjoy.



    Took your advice. Went out and bought a bunch of Instant Scratch off LOTTO tickets.

    Then took the whole clan out to a nice restaurant.

    86 year old matriarch Noelle, grouchy Smantha and young Peggy. Plus my 2 cousins just back from 2 weeks camping out in the rain.

    Gives me the willies. Vacationing in the mud.



    STEVEN was our waiter.

    He never knew what hit him. I started things off. And gave tickets to everybody else. Told them what to do.

    Each lady told STEVEN, "I want you to have this." A big smile and then handed him a LOTTO ticket. AFTER Steven did some kind of service.

    We got white wine.

    Extra bread.

    Extra cheese.

    Extra everything. Extra fast.

    Fantastic service.

    Learned all about Steven. His entire life. His adventures in New York. I was flabbergasted at what a few LOTTO tickets could do.

    He even said, "You ladies are spoiling me."

    Then he handed me his name and # and told me to PLEASE keep him in mind if any jobs came open in my company. He'd LOVE to work for me.

    LAST thing BEST...

    STEVEN comes racing out of the kitchen.

    All Excited.

    He's won 2 BIG LOTTO ticket chances at the giant 34 million dollar Florida LOTTERY.

    Here's this handsome man babbling like a kid.

    It was GREAT.






    Yes, You too Can Entertain Your Entire Family by Teaching them to do INSTANT LOTTO Ticket Tipping.

    And Perhaps You Should Try Some INTERACTIVE Lotto Tipping and get your clients and prospects to Participate.


    Because we have top Realtor Clients, Successful MLM S*ales people, Insurance S*ales people and Consultants closing new Clients with this INTERACTIVE Tipping Strategy.

    The MLM S*alesman is particularly happy with his Results.

    Step I - He invites a Prospect to Lunch.

    Step II - He hands the Prospect 5 LOTTO tickets or Five 1.00 bills. Whatever he has handy.

    Step III - Mark Tells his Prospect: "Every time you see me hand the waitress a Lotto ticket YOU SMILE and hand her one of yours too, Ok?"

    Step IV - Soon Mark's Waitress is Laughing and Racing Around.

    Step V - Mark then DOUBLE TIPs the guy cleaning the tables.

    Step VI - THAT guy starts calling Mark "Sir" and Taking Away empty dishes.

    Step VII - The manager or the owner comes over to Mark's Table.

    Mark Explains that his business is SO SUCCESSFUL he likes to "Share The Wealth" with others.

    Asks them, "Do You Need Extra Munny?"

    AND Makes an Appointment to Talk to The Manager!


    The BUG EYED Prospect says, "Sign me up. I can do this too. It'll be a Blast."

    And - of course - Mark Explains that once his new mentee finds a Prospect MARK will Do the S*ales Closing for him or her. Win-Win.





    CHAPTER #11 - "Why Lacy Was HAPPY to HELP Me Reduce My Restaurant Bill By 75%"

    I Get Hungry.

    REALLY hungry after splitting wood and stacking it on the porch.

    The last few times I went out to eat at a Restaurant I finished a Crab Cake dinner - 16.99 AND ALMOST ordered a 2nd dinner.

    Didn't do it. But came close.

    34 Bucks for Lunch is RIDICULOUS!

    I LIKE dining out but restaurants don't serve enough food to keep me Happy.

    What to do?

    I read an Article in "Bloomberg Magazine" about how the Freeze Dried Food business was MUSH-ROOMING outside the Emergency Preparedness/End-of-the-World Market. Selling to regular families and home owners.

    We Googled the two Top Companies.

    Filled out the F-r-e-e Sample form I Found. (https://www.wisefoodstorage.com/requestasample)

    Then TOOK The Meal Pouch With me to a Restaurant.

    I handed -Lacy my Waitress- a LOTTO ticket. And asked, "Could you help me TRY OUT this new Freeze Dried Food? The Directions say I need a Cup of BOILING WATER."

    Lacy brought me a coffee cup of hot water.

    I Smiled at Lacy. Handed her a 2nd LOTTO ticket. And said, "The Directions Don't tell you how to get the Pouch open. Can you use this knife to Cut it open while I Hold it?"

    Lacy sliced my Meal Pouch open.

    Another LOTTO ticket. "Could you Please Tell me when 15 Minutes is up? The Hot Water has to Work on the Frozen food. I don't have a watch."

    Please notice Lacy is doing a lot of Work for us. She is Really earning her Lotto ticket.

    Lacy is looking a Bit GOBSMACKED. She has 3 Lotto tickets and So far I've not Bought Anything!

    The Top of my table is a mess too.

  • Empty Coffee Cup,
  • my water glass,
  • Assorted Napkins
  • The Freeze Dried Food Catalog.
  • The cut off top of the Pouch.
  • The padded mailer.
  • Soup Plates
  • Coffee Cups
  • Saucers, Straws, water glasses.
  • I tell Lacy, "This is pretty good. Can we Skip to Dessert? I'll Try this Lemon Ice-cream stuff. 4.99

    I waved at the Bus Boy clearing Tables. Say, "EXCUSE ME - I'd like to Give You a Tip. Which do you Want? A LOTTO ticket or a 1.00 Bill?"

    I waved both at him.

    Bill Grinned and snatched the LOTTO ticket. Then Asked, "Can I clear off your Table Sir?"


    Only 5 Bites of Lemon IceCream Gelato stuff.

    1.00 a bite.




    My Diabolical Plan?

    Taste Test A few dozen Freeze Dried Meals.

    Then order a 5 Gallon Bucket full of what I like - which is supposed to last 25 years. Except I am going to EAT IT NOW.

    IN FUTURE - I PLAN to Take Extra Food WITH me when I dine out.

    FOR EXAMPLE - When I spend 165.99 to get 160 servings of Freeze Dried Veggies I pay only a bit over a 1.00 per serving. So I can Take 2 or 3 Servings WITH me.

    LOTS cheaper than buying a 2nd meal for 15 bucks!





    CHAPTER #12 - TESTIMONIAL - How Chris SPREADS 1.00 Bill Tipping To Other Diners


    Hi Glenn,

    Tonight, My Wife and I met some of Her friends at Our Favorite Japanese Restaurant.

    I was planning on doing the 3 X 5 Card, Handwriting Analysis, and Tipping, but it was Quite an Eventful Evening due to my Daughter (11 months old) went with us.

    The FIRST Thing I did before we were seated was give the girl at the register Two $5 Bills to exchange for $1 Bills.

    When we were seated, the waitress took our drink order and returned a few minutes later with our drinks. As She was about to walk away, I slipped her a $1 Bill and She gave Me one of Those Little Smiles' that you have mentioned so often.

    She Came back a few minutes later and took our Dinner Order.

    She came back with our soup / salads and I tipped Her with another Dollar and received a Bigger Grin and a "Thank You Very Much."

    I was planning on Tipping Her another $1 after She took away our pre-dinner bowls, but My Baby was getting a bit restless because She was getting a little tired. No Problem, though because I ended up ordering another drink for My Wife.

    When She Returned with the Drink, I slipped Her another $1.

    Here's the Kicker. I don't know how familiar you may be with Japanese Restaurants, but this one has a chef / entertainer that cooks the food on the table in front of you.

    I was tipping the waitress all evening, and NOBODY KNEW What I was doing, but They were Observing Me without a Word.

    I've been frequenting This particular Restaurant for about 3 years now and

    NOT ONCE Have I seen ANYONE Tip the Cook!

    When the Cook finished his Presentation and was Done cooking our food and was ready to leave, Our Friends gave the cook a tip (at least $2,) and then the people that were seated with us at the table (Total Strangers) tipped the Cook (it looked like a few $1 Bills, also) so I followed suit and gave $2).

    Please Note, thus Far, I had only tipped $5 and couldn't believe how FAST We were getting service. We Used to have to wait a short time to get our drinks, Soup / Salads, etc. but this evening, they Did it as if we were their Only Customers!

    Not only that, I think that the others at the table somehow felt the need to tip during the meal, too.

    Normally, we have to wait about 5 - 10 minutes to get our Bill at the end of the dinner (We've waited up to about 20 minutes once!) but Not This time.

    Our Waitress came with the Bill about a minute After We Asked for it.

    Normally, they Charge for Extra Drinks, too... NOT This Time.

    We Weren't Even Charged for the Tea that I Ordered!


    You may Use this Information and Testimonial For Your Benefit and Materials Any Time.

    Thank You.





    We Make a Game out of 1.00 and LOTTO ticket tipping.

    Remember how we do it?

    When your Waitress comes to the table. You TIP Her Right Away. And say, "Here's a Thank You Reward for helping me today. What are you going to BUY FIRST if you Win 1000 Bucks?"

    And under your breath you say, "Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for my 10X Return."

    And say, "I Wonder how much Munny Beyond 10X I Can Attract THIS TIME?"

    (EDITORS NOTE - A few days ago we Tipped a 8 bucks to a Waitress and Table Clearing bus Boy. In Less Than 24 hrs a Young German Wgt Lifter bought my 138.97 "Chi Body Battery" Exercise Video and Ebook INFO PRODUCT for which we offer a 365 day 100% MUNNY BACK Guarantee. (WEIRD, Huh? But we IMPROVED a 5000 Yr Old Exercise. And instead of Taking WEEKS. Now You Feel FEEL STRONGER in 1 or 2 days. With LOTS More Endurance. Which is why - at age 62 - I am able to split and carry tons of wood (6 oak trees -This Winter- 3 to 4 feet thick) up to the porch to heat my house. INSTEAD of P*aying a Gym.)

    YESTERDAY - AS We Write this MUNNY ATTRACTION MAGIC is happening.

    We Tipped 3 Different Waitresses 11 bucks. And sent 31.00 (In the form of a case of Confetti Cannons) to a lady mentor in Oregon worth 21 m*illion D*ollars.

    So we add 11.00 and 31.00 = 42.00

    Do we Expect the waitresses or the 21 mil mentor to send us 420 Bucks?

    Heck no.

    Based on a Decade of Experience, the moolah will POP out of nowhere and come from a Total Stranger or someone we have not spoken to in YEARS and Years.

    The Moolah CONTROL Game of "Give Money - Get Back 10X."

    Get it?

    One of the few things you can CONTROL is how much money you Give Away and Who to.

    We Suggest you Do your Tipping Locally.

    And in stores and Restaurants you Frequent - because the Positive Moolah Attraction Effect is CUMULATIVE.


    So How Can This "Game" help you?

    Because - as all my affluent mentors say - You cannot make munny Consistently unless you CONTROL 51% of what you do.

    And YOU Control 100% of how much munny you give away. Who You Help.

    And thus HOW MUCH You Attract.





    CHAPTER #13 - "Can You Help Me Be A Marketing Consultant RIGHT NOW?"

    ...Said the Retired AND BORED Special Forces Soldier on the phone.

    We said, "Sure."

    "You be My Eyes and Ears on the Ground. I'll Tell you What to do."

    Gary said, "Deal. What do I do first?"

    (EDITORS NOTE - After a few questions it turned out Gary was both BORED and HUNGRY and had only 10.00.)

    So we Mutually decided to do marketing for a Small Restaurant with one owner. With our 1st goal. Free food for Gary.

    ME - "How much money DO you have Gary?"

    GARY - 10 Bucks.

    TAKE ACTION - "Ok - go out and buy 5 - One Dollar Lotto tickets."

    ME - Can You Drive Around Vegas?

    GARY - "Yeah, I got my wife's car."

    TAKE ACTION - "Ok. Find this Vegetarian Restaurant. And call me about the kinds of cars in the parking lot. I googled and it looks like they need help."

    GARY - "Ok. The parking lot is not very full. But the cars there are all Mercedes, BMW, Big SUV's."

    ME - "Great. So we know affluent customers eat here."

    TAKE ACTION - "Go in and order a Cup of Soup. LOTTO tip the waitress and the cashier. Then call me."

    GARY - "The Waitress said the owner is also the chef. They don't have a menu. He writes the menu on a White Board on the wall."

    ME - "Did you talk to any of the other customers?"

    GARY - "Yeah. Most of them seem to be here because their doctor said, "Eat healthy of Die." They don't really LIKE the food."

    ME - Laughing. "Ok. Sounds like the Chef Does not talk to his customers. Find Out if the waitress or the cashier knows if there are any FAVORITE Foods."

    GARY - "Ok. The cashier is the owners Nephew. I offered to buy him lunch with the excuse that he tell me about The Owners Night Cooking Classes."

    LATER - ME - "Where did you go for Lunch?"

    GARY - "The Kid Wanted to eat at McDonalds."


    ME - "Ok. What did the kid say are the Best Selling Meals and Desserts?"

    GARY - "There are only 4. 2 Desserts and 2 Favorite Entrees."

    ME - "Ok. Get a pen and paper. WRITE THIS Down. Then Put The 8 by 10 Flyer You Create Under the glass at each table.

    The FLYER SAID -


    Our Two BEST SELLING Desserts Are:

    Dessert I

    Dessert II

    Our Two BEST SELLING Meals Are:

    Entree I

    Entree II


    ME - "Go to Staples or Office Depot. Make 10 Copies. Then show up for The Chef Owners NIGHT COOKING Class. Show him the flyer. Tell him You have a Consultant friend who GUARANTEES the Flyer will BUMP Up his food s*ales by 10%."

    GARY - "I spent my 10 bucks already."

    ME - "Remember I said GO BEFORE CLASS. Tell him you what you LIKE about his restaurant. You want to help. You called a Food Expert Friend.

    Ask him if he can make those 4 items - that his Nephew says are MOST POPULAR.

    ME - "I guarantee he won't charge you for class.

    24 Hrs Later...GARY Calls To Report, "Food S*ales are up 19%. And the Chef thinks he can boost that by putting some of the FOUR FOODS in an old Freezer -To Take Home - and putting it by the C*ash Register.

    5 Days Later - GARY REPORTS - "Food S*ales are up 38% and The Chef is asking me for MORE Ideas. And I am eating F-r-e-e. So what do I do Now?"

    (EDITORS NOTE - Please notice that the LOTTO TICKET TIPPING is what Opened the Communication Doors - so we Could ASK Questions. And Find Out the information we needed to BOOST Food S*ales.)





    CHAPTER #14 - TESTIMONIAL - Why Gary Gets VIP Service While Others Wait in LONG Lines

    Dear Glen,

    Its been awhile since we talked.

    I've moved.

    Had to set up a postal mail account for my business.

    Thought I'd use Your P-ay-it-Forward Tipping idea.

    ...So I set up the account. Then on my second visit I brought Four $5 gift Certificates from the coffee shop two doors down.

    Gave one to each of the Girls working there...

    Said, "it's nice to know I will be working with friendly helpful people..."

    Now I get special treatment every time I go in, they always walk me into the back to ship my packages.

    Everyone else waits in line...

    I get calls at home when packages arrive...

    I asked, "Do you do this for everyone?"

    Answer "only our special clients"...

    I asked How many special clients...

    BIG grin answer:

    "Just one so far!"

    Wow... I wonder if this stuff works hahaha..



    Big Red Nose Club member




    Do You HATE Waiting in line?

    Me too.

    Well. It's Obviously VITAL to Gary's business that he get his mail and Packages Promptly.

    We Hate to Wait For Appointments with Biz Owners

    So We Staple LOTTO tickets to Thank you notes.

    Mail letters to Prospects with a LOTTO ticket on top. Then call to ASK, "How Much did you WIN with that LOTTO Ticket I sent you?"

    You Guessed it.

    We never wait in line to talk to THE BOSS or The OWNER.

    You Don't have to wait either.





    CHAPTER #15 - "Celebrating Progress Attracting $ to Pay My 606.10 Car Insurance Bill"

    Without looking at my Car Insurance Bill We decided to Attract 500 bucks.

    Lotto tipped 11.00 to a couple waitresses. Made a Competition of it. Because a waiter named Larry had won 5.00 the previous week.

    When I got Home I had an OUT-OF-THE-BLUE Email from Carl...

    Carl said, "I am Looking to get your "Make Yourself Great Again w/Women" program from you after I get Back From Greece."

    Then Carl Suddenly Bought it BEFORE Going to Greece.

    11.00 X 10X = 110.00

    Carl UNEXPECTEDLY Sent me 138.97

    (EDITORS NOTE - How do we KNOW for Sure We Attracted This Moolah? Because I myself did not make the s*ale. A Total Surprise. And Based on my Personal Experience - Surprise moolah Falling from the SKY stops DEAD when You Quit P*aying-it-Forward and saying the Affirmation.)

    400.00 to go.

    Gotta Give Away More Moolah.

    So I Spent 30.32 to Send a Case of Confetti Cannons to Barb in Oregon.

    Barb Gives a Lot of MLM Speeches to Large Audiences.


    MY Email and Her Reply....

  • Thanks Barb,
  • I am sure you too have noticed it takes a Bigger
  • HAMMER to get audiences to FOCUS.
  • I think i have your address.
  • I'll Send you a case of Confetti Cannons
  • to make sure you get the right ones.
  • There are a Lot of less effective options.
  • Glenn
  • On January 10, 2018, at 7:22 PM, Barb wrote:

    "Wow thank you!!!! Oh, i LOVE this idea! I'll be doing it in March! Thanks for the idea, I'll try to film it for you!"


    (EDITORS NOTE - Remember that "The Munny Magnet Game" is to Look for SURPRISE Munny that sort of falls from the Sky Unexpectedly. And often this takes a few days - or even a week - to Manifest.)

    But THIS TIME I was watching a movie. Checked my email at 11Pm that same night. And CHA-CHING.

    We Have Not Spoken to Richard in California for 6 Months...


    RICHARD'S EMAIL SAID He Owes Me 600.00....


    How's the weather out there?

    ...Things are ok with work. I made a few thousand last month. I haven't forgotten I still owe you $600+

    I had a pretty shocking experience a month ago. I was using Hemi-Sync technology which facilitated astral projection.

    In my astral body I looked at my wall that I keep my loans and loans to-be pinned on and shouted "THANK YOU INFINITE INTELLIGENCE FOR THESE 10 LOANS!"

    Within THE HOUR, a client I cold called whom I had met in person, who rejected my offer months ago, called me and asked me if I was still doing loans.

    ...Manifestation works.

    I'm doing a stated income loan for him now. It'll be a hefty check.


    MY REPLY -

    "Thanks For Emailing Me Richard,

    "Always HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY to get moolah from you Richard.



    "Can you send me a Paypal link for $333?



    Let's Add This up.

    We gave Away 11.00 and 30.00 - Total of 41.00

    We Attracted 138.00 and 333.00 = 471.00


    A little MORE than 10X my 41.00 in P-AY-IT-FORWARD munny.

    THEN We Opened our Car Insurance Bill.


    Gotta Go B*uy Some More LOTTO Tickets.



    P.S. - You might be able to Tell that I'm Still AMAZED and DELIGHTED at this process. GOBSMACKED that one of many thousands of TESTS we've done over the years MAKES MUNNY - Consistently.

    WHICH IS WHY We went to quite a bit of effort to Show you some of the Details of what happened in the moolah attraction process THIS TIME.

    Yes, It's WEIRD.

    But - You - Will - (Probably) NEVER - Find - All - The - Details on how to MAKE Moolah this way - elsewhere. We've looked.

    (EDITORS NOTE - However - if You Are Using something Similar. Or know of a different, but successful, way to ATTRACT MUNNY. Email me so we can Mad Scientist TEST it out! Rentamentor@gmail.com



    CHAPTER #16 - "My Jacked Up Method for Speeding Up Moolah Attraction"

    A few years ago I spent an entire Year on a series of Phone Conference Calls with a MOOLAH ATTRACTION MENTOR.

    She discovered that WRITING an Affirmation 25 Times a day almost Guarantees you Attract More Munny.

  • And
  • Since
  • I
  • Wanted
  • She showed me literally 1000's of Testimonials. Here's My Version of The Affirmation She Sells in her Course.
  • And which I am using to Attract Munny to P*ay my Car Insurance Bill.

    Right now as I write this.


    "I Accept Moolah In Many Mysterious Ways."

    This one Also Attracts Munny for me...

    "I Accept Extra Cash in Many WEIRD Ways."


    Write each Affirmation at least 25 times.

    Why Does Writing An Affirmation Work?

    It Was Explained to me with a Metaphor.

    Imagine your body is a MUDDY BUCKET OF WATER.

    And Each Affirmation you say or write is a DROP OF CLEAR Water.

    At the Point where 51% of Your Muddy Body Bucket is CLEAR WATER.



    You Suddenly Become a Positive Magnet for Money.

    WHEN DO I USE the "Affirmation Writing Tactic?"

    If I have not Attracted 10X more than I Gave Away in 24 hrs. Then I pull out the Big Guns - OR The ink Pen and Paper - And Write a Page of my Moolah Attraction Affirmations a day.

    Depending on how NEGATIVE and MUDDY you feel on any given day.

    It may take one day or multiple days to Clear the water to 51% in Your Body Bucket.





    CHAPTER #17 - TESTIMONIAL - My Waitress Hugs Me After I Gave Her ONE Thank You Card

    Lafeyette From Georgia says,

    "I gave a waitress a Thank you card. All I told her was (I appreciate your smile. And the effort you make to make me feel welcome.)

    "Now I get Fr*ee Coffee when I go in. And she HUGS me everytime I show UP. Although the Cook makes me nervous. He GLARES at me. What up with THAT?"


    EDITORS NOTE - DUH - Layette is probably getting hugs from the Cooks wife or Daughter!)




    Inspite of the above HUG Testimonial - You Might not think a Thank you note Compliment has much CLOUT.

    But here is a short summary of an article I read Years ago about a Teacher who Collected Thank you Note COMPLIMENTS from her students.

    A school teacher - during a rainy day - passed a sheet of paper around.

    Asked jr hi kids to write all their fellow students names down - she wrote them on the chalk board.

    The teacher said, "Write ONE thing you LIKE about each person - down on your paper."

    She spent a weekend - putting all the compliments on a single PAGE for each student. (Each kid got a page of compliments from classmates.)

    10 years later - 1 student was killed.

    At the funeral - 9 students from that high school class were there. ALL 9 still had that sheet of compliments in a purse or wallet.






    CHAPTER #18 - Imitating B*illionaires - Tipping Two Waitresses At Once - Case Study

    The Benefits of Competing Wait Staff Against Each Other.

    In Our Self Made B*illionaire Watching Club we've noticed that many of the Super R*ich Compete Clients, Suppliers, Joint Venture Partners Against each other to build Excitement and Get A Better Deal.

    Steve Jobs of Apple - Played one Baby Bell Against The Other while Testing the 1st iPhone.

    John Legere at T-Mobile - is playing Verizon off against ATT&T to force both Giants to change their Fee Structure. And cut Prices.

    FaceBook P-aid 2 B*illion to Buy "Oculus Augmented Reality." Why so much for an 18 month old company? The Oculus CEO and Inventor dangled his Business in front of FaceBooks Competitors.

    Worth Testing The Idea For The Rest of us, right?

    Just Suppose We Gave Away LOTTO tickets to Several People in the SAME Restaurant?

    Same Concept the B*illionaires Play with.



    CHAPTER #19 - Set Small Money-Attraction Goals & Watch Your Behavior Change


    My Specific Goal while I was Writing this book was to Attract 606.10 to pay my Car Insurance Bill.

    #1 - I notice I am Checking my PayPal Account a couple times a day to Check for munny.

    THIS MEANS - Because of my Goal I am Putting Extra Energy Out there. I am ANTICIPATING Extra Cash.

    #2 - I also look for Checks and Refunds in the mail.

    #3 - ODD Extra C*ash Episodes. With a friend we spotted a rack of insulated caps for sale. 1.00 each.

    Todd bought one hat. I bought 10 hats.

    Todd lost His hat. Bought one of mine for 1.00.

    Todd Found his lost hat. Gave me back MY hat - waved off me repaying him the 1.00.

    Small. But in my Experience this ONLY happens when I am Writing and Saying moolah attraction affirmations.

    #4 - I got a Brand New hooded Sweatshirt Free. I walked into a small store. Overheard a manager say, "Well, I don't want it. If none of you guys want it I'm going to throw it out.

    I saw the Hoodie in her hands.

    And said, "One of my neighbors lost his job a while back. Instead of throwing it out. Give the Hoodie to ME and I'll give it to my neighbor.

    The manger said, "Ok" and handed me a New Ravens Football hooded jacket - 20.00


    I just googled "Cost of ravens football hoodie" and the cheapest one I saw was 59.99!

    "Co-incidence" you say.

    Perhaps, but I've walked in and out of stores for TEN YEARS and nobody ever gave me a 59.00 Ravens Jacket.

    #5 - Behavior Change - In order to Give Away Enough money to Attract 606 dollars - I made a list of my best Clients.

    Sent them Thank You letters with LOTTO tickets on top.

    Bought them Surprise Thank you Rewards.

    #6 - Behavior Changes - Then We made a list of our top Buyers of our Info Books, Mp3 Programs, Video Books.

    Sent them moolah and Thank you Rewards too.

    The 80/20 Principle Helps here.

    When you send DINERO to your Top 5% Clients and B*uyers Who ALREADY Like you - this stirs up a LOT of Positive Energy.


    Just Remember - DO Not LIMIT your Thoughts when you say or Write your Affirmations.

    In my Experience - When you REWARD your VIP Inner Circle customers - someone MIGHT b*uy something extra.

    But more often The POSITIVE ENERGY you generate will pull money to you from Totally Unexpected people.





    CHAPTER #20 - TESTIMONIAL - How Scott Went From Installer to Cable TV S*ales SuperStar


    I have a little explaining to do BEFORE you Read Scott;s Testimonial -

    (EDITORS NOTE I - As You Read Scott's Testimonial - KEEP IN MIND - that Thanking a Stranger for Letting You Take Their Picture. Then Handing them their Photo - in front of their OWN Door. IS a "Photo Thank You Card." It's simply visual instead of Words.)

    (EDITORS NOTE II - And, YES, Scott IS Dollar Tipping Each Home Owner. It costs Moolah to hand a Instant color photo to each prospect at the door. Maybe MORE than a buck.)

    (EDITORS NOTE III - Because - With a few Tweaks - Scott was out-selling the #1 and #2 and #3 - S*alespeople Combined. He had a Problem. Since he Doesn't get p*aid until the Cable is Installed. And the Installers couldn't get to his prospects quickly. They called a Competitor. So Scott had to take Sales jobs at 3 Different Cable Companies in Order to Get Paid for his Sales Success.)



    Hey Glenn,

    You know, I think I can get used to this kind of stuff.

    I was going over my notes from our conversation to pick something out that I could use right away and see how things go.

    Well, I really liked the use of a camera to break the ice while selling Cable TV door to door, BUT I changed it around a bit.

    I went to the door of a home I knew recently sold and the homeowners were home, and when the lady answered the door I introduced myself and . . . er . . . I think it would be best if I just wrote it out as if you were there.

  • HO = Home Owner
  • ME = well, me of course
  • HO - Answers door

    ME - Hi, I'm Scott with CableOne and this may sound like an ODD request but would you mind if I snapped your picture? You see, my BOSS doesn't think I'm actually out here talking to people, so I thought this would be the best way to PROVE I am.

    HO - giggles, and says "WHy not

    ME - Aim, focus and SNAP, picture is taken, would you like to see how it turned out?

    HO - giggles some more, "Oh I don't know, well OK"

    ME - I show her the pic, and tell her if this doesn't convince my BOSS then I don't know what will.

    HO - Why do you have to PROVE you are talking to people

    ME - I'm the manager of this SUB for CableOne, and my job is to make sure I let every home owner know about our "NEW HomeOwner specials"

    HO - interrupts me to ask what kind of specials we have

    We talk back and forth, and I end up writing up my first sale.

    WOW, I thought how could this get any easier

    So I made sure to look for the homes where people were home, and when the day was over I had made EIGHT SALES!!!

    That is more than half my quota for an entire week.

    The Lady Who HATES Cameras

    The funniest one was one lady who said she HATES cameras and doesn't like her picture to be taken, and I SAYS, "Then put your hand in front of your face or turn away, all I need to do is show my BOSS that I was here talking with YOU, and I will even show you the pic so you can see that you can't see WHO you are.

    BINGO, my IN for another SALE!

    Glenn,THANK YOU, thank you VERY much, this is actually FUN now ;-)

    Feel free to use this anyway you choose.

    Best . . . Scott




    What Scott Picked up on from our Phone Chat where we Discussed 40 or 50 Very Successful Dr To Dr S*ales Strategies...

    Is the INSTANT RAPPORT Building - Thank you Photo - Idea that Self Made B*illionaire, Paul Meyer, taught all the s*ales people in his 31 Companies.

    Paul says, "Walk up to strangers at the movies, at the mall, in a Restaurant and say, "I think your baby is really cute. I really think Your Purple hair looks Fantastic. Can I have your Permission to Take a Picture?"

    Then, "Take the Photo. Hand it to them."

    RESULT - Instant Trust and Rapport and they will ask YOU, "What do you do?" And you tell them, "I sell insurance. Betcha I can save you a bunch of munny. Will you let me Beat What You're P*aying now?"

    MUCH MUCH Easier to use this idea today - with iPhone Camera's. You Take multiple shots and show them. When you get one they like. Email it to THEIR phone.

    Meanwhile you have spent 5 or 10 minutes with a TOTAL STRANGER who is now pretty darn friendly.





    CHAPTER #21 - We Took a Friend to an *Pay-It-Forward* Lunch -

    A - We told our Waitress Susan, "I'd like to start tipping you BEFORE the food arrives. Which do you want, "This LOTTO ticket or a 1.00 bill?

    Susan Snatched up the LOTTO ticket with big Grin. B - I Waved and Yelled at the Bus Boy Cleaning a nearby table. "EXCUSE Me, I'd like to give you a tip. Which do you PREFER a LOTTO ticket or a 1.00 bill?

    Bill Took the LOTTO ticket.

    Before I Could Flag Down another Waitress to tip.

    Bill and Susan Began to Grab Empty plates off our table. Fill water and iced Tea Glasses.

    Bring more Bread and rolls.

    So I had my hands full - eating my lunch and forking over LOTTO Tickets to Susan and Bill. Who were obviously COMPETING for the most Tips.

    Immediate Benefits are -

    A - Great Service

    B - Better Service than you have EVER HAD before - because the two of them are Competing with each other.

    C - Susan brought us two baskets of homemade bread. A 10.00 Value.

    And she Only Charged us for a Cup of Crab Soup but brought us Two Bowls.

    So we got about 14.00 of F-r-e-e Food.

    PLUS - when we get home - we Expect to get 10 TIMES more than we Tipped Back - somewhere - somehow in the next few days.





    CHAPTER #22 - TESTIMONIAL - "Morton Attracts Women" - An UNFortunate Side Effect Of LOTTO TIPPING-You Meet Beautiful Women


    We Are Terrible Sorry MEN Book Buyers have to Put Up With Attracting Pretty Women to their Table.

    Women Book Buyers have to Endure Attention from Hunky Waiters.


    WE should CONFESS that one of the awful, Terrible, Rotten SIDE EFFECTS

    Of 1.00 Bill and LOTTO ticket tipping is that IN ADDITION to Attracting 10X More Moolah than you Give Away...





    (EDITORS NOTE - or in the case of Women Golden Rule Tippers You Attract Handsome Men.)


    But we Felt Honor Bound to WARN you.



    Dear Glenn,

    Just tried out the 1$ tipping idea during lunch.

    Me and a friend joined for lunch at a popular restaurant.

    The waitress (a real cutie) brought us our drinks and took our order.

    The expression on her face was undeniably one of shock when I gave her the first $1 and a sheepish grin.

    She brought back another round with some napkins. I gave her another $1 and she said, "Oh, what? Come on! Thank you!" By this time she was a little nervous, but had a big smile nevertheless.

    Someone from the back brought our meal and I tipped her $1. She said, "For me?" I said, "YES" with a smile. She smiled and said "Thank you" while walking away.

    Nothing else was brought to our table, but each time the waitress passed, she had a ready smile.

    During our meal, I noticed a few other waitresses smiling as they passed.

    At the end of our meal, she stopped by and:

    #1 She told us that she will remember us and asked us our names.

    #2 She told us where she is from and where she is living.

    #3 She gave me a quick French lesson on how to say, "You are beautiful".

    My friend now thinks I'm crazy.




    CHAPTER #23 - Why We Offer a 365 Day 100% Moolah Back Guarantee on This Book

    ASK YOURSELF this Question:

    Self, "Do You Eat At The Same Fast-Food and Sit Down Restaurants and Shop at the same Deli and Grocery Stores - over and over?"

    ANSWER: "All of us do."

    And THAT FACT is the REASON WHY we can afford to Offer The B*uyers of this book a ONE YEAR - 100% MUNNY Back Guarantee.

    Because IF you eat at the same place over and over.

    Shop in the same places.

    Go to the same BarberShop.

    Sports Bar and DryCleaners.

    AND Hand Out LOTTO tickets and 1.00 Bills along with a SMILE and a THANK YOU...wherever you go.

    WEIRD and WONDERFUL things will happen to you. Including Some Extra Cash In Your Pocket. Give Money - Get Back 10X More.

    Just Like happened to Eric.



    CHAPTER #24 - TESTIMONIAL - Eric's Favorite Diner Testimonial -

    Sat Eve I decide to go over to the 5 and diner across the road where Greg the night floor manager and waiter works. Been doing dollar bill tipping with him and get great service.

    I sit at the counter and Greg comes with my water and slice of lemon without me asking.

    Gave him a powerball ticket and told him I would have a La Bamba Melt to go.

    So I was sitting there and he comes by with a dish of ice cream and told me it was on the house. I handed him another ticket and said thanks.

    Ate my ice cream and my order was ready and he asked if I needed ketchup or silverware.

    I said both.

    He put a whole plastic bottle of ketchup in the bag along with actual silverware - dishes, a glass, knife, fork, spoon - not the traditional plastic ware.

    I was stunned, to say the least, but I gave him another powerball ticket and said "thanks, but but you don't have to go to that extreme."

    He said that I am a good customer and he wasn't going to worry about it.




    CHAPTER #25 - We Told The Waitress, *Can U Heat Up These 2 Freeze Dried Meals Please?*


    Put yourself in Jenny-The-Waitress' Shoes.

    Two guys come in. Sit down. Show her The Freeze Dried Food they brought Into HER RESTAURANT And then have the nerve to ASK HER for her help Heating Up HOT WATER to "Unfreeze" the Louisiana Red Beans and Rice Meals.

    This is Why Jenny Helped us.

    We said, "Here's a LOTTO ticket I hope you win a bundle."

    "Here's another LOTTO ticket.

    "Here's a 3rd LOTTO ticket. How much did you win so far?

    "Here's a 4th LOTTO ticket. Your Goal is to Win 5 Bucks like the waiter from last week.

    ""You won 2 bucks? Great. Here is another LOTTO ticket. You are in a race to Beat the 5 dollar winner from last week.

    "Another LOTTO Ticket. And a Thank you for Getting us 1 1/2 cups of hot water to pour into our Freeze Dried food package."

    "Two Bowls of Soup Please. So we have a dish to eat our Freeze Dried Beans and rice out of."

    OMG! This Stuff is Full of Jalapeno Hot Peppers!

    "Here's another LOTTO ticket Jenny to Bribe you to STOP LAUGHING. And Could I Get another Napkin Please? I used Mine to Soak up Sweat on my Face. WOW that is hot."

    "You Won 3.00 so far? Fantastic. Here's another LOTTO ticket. Could you Please get me a side order of Onion Rings? I'm hoping they will soak up some of the Hot Pepper Effects. This water isn't helping.




    We gave Jenny Ten - 1.00 LOTTO tickets

    I got TRIPLE the Amount of Onion Rings that is normal for a "Side Dish."

    My Guest Asked for a "Assorted Bread Basket."

    Which we didn't get charged for.

    AND Jenny brought a brown paper bag and a container to take the bread home in. (When we know for a fact the Restaurant Policy is to only give container for food you bought.)

    And now we wait for my 10 TIMES RETURN to pop in somehow, somewhere and in some WEIRD/unexpected way.



    P.S. - Why are we Testing Freeze Dried food? Because if I can Find Enough Recipes I Like - when you order in Bulk - 5 Gallon Containers.

    ...Each meal costs only 1.20



    CHAPTER #26 - Waitress Traci Sits Down At Our Table - Owner Puts Her Back To Work

    Traci brought us ice water and menus.

    Then After We Showed her our Freeze Dried Spaghetti and Meat Balls and Freeze Dried Cheese Cake for Dessert - Traci Was Surprised.

    Amazed when we showed her a Freeze Dried Meat Ball.

    Traci brought us two Extra Soup Bowls to eat our Frozen Spaghetti in.

    Two cups of Boiling water.

    Watched me pour Hot water into the plastic Pouch and seal it up.

    Waited 9 minutes while the contents UNFROZE.

    Traci then Sampled some of our Spaghetti and declared it "Good, Tastes like Spaghetti-os."

    Suddenly the owner Showed up and said, "Can I see you a minute, Traci?"



    W-e-i-r-d ACTION SUMMARY -

    Then things got WEIRD.

    After I Explained to Traci How I Was Testing Freeze Dried food Recipes because in Bulk (A 5 Gallon Bucket) each meal only C*ost 1.20 - Her Boss Put Her Back to Work.

    But one of the People Eating Lunch with me - who I Shared the Freeze Dried Spaghetti with - INSISTED on giving me 5 bucks for their meal-in-a-pouch.

    And Guy #2 - Paid me 100 Bucks to b*uy some F-r-e-e-z-e Dried Meals for his own house. For Emergencies. OR just when he gets hungry.


    Let's Summarize...

    While I was LOTTO TIPPING Traci. And Explaining The Reason Why for my MAD SCIENTIST Test of Freeze Dried food IN HER RESTAURANT.

    The Two Guys I was Dining with DECIDED to P*AY ME MUNNY.

    105.00 So Far.

    EDITORS NOTE - So we have Attracted About 500 Bucks out of our target of 606.10 - so far - to pay the car insurance bill.)

    I Hope You Bring Clients and Prospects to Lunch with You TOO when you Have Fun with Our Munny Attraction System.

    The guys at lunch with me are just Neighbors - not Biz Owner Clients. And they STILL Forked over some moolah. Without my ASKING them to either.

    IMPRESSED the heck out of me.




    CHAPTER #27 - WEIRD - Instead of MUNNY We Attracted A Mastermind Group INVITE

    After 48 hours of Tipping Waitresses. 8 bucks. Sent 15.00 out to VIP Buyers. And a Surprise 27.00 Thank You Reward to a past client - in return for a Testimonial.


    No money falling on my head.

    While Puzzling over this I opened my email and saw This Message:


    Hey Glenn,

    Wanna promote something to our group?

    Join us at 10:10am pacific, 1:10pm eastern (US) time...

    On zoom:

    Or Telephone:

    International numbers available:

    You'll get to ask, give, or promote anything you want to our brilliant mastermind group! pastedGraphic.png

    Last Saturday, we had about 15 people on the mastermind.

    The first 7 to join (early) shared what they were currently working on, and asked for a favor or promoted their program to the group... While everyone else gave their unconditional help, feedback, ideas, connections and resources.

    Last year, we've helped close to a thousand entrepreneurs and professionals get more exposure, partners, leads, clients and business/marketing support -- just from our Saturday Masterminds alone.

    Saturdays, 10:10am




    Co-incidentally I spotted this INVITE On Saturday. Only an Hour before 10:10am.

    So I Wrote Down My Question: "Who Do You Know Who Does Small Business Entrepreneur Interviews."

    About a dozen folks on the Mastermind Call. I remember giving Proven Ideas to a Stress Reduction Coach in Los Angeles, Website developer, Video Producer, Business Card Designer, Dr to Dr Knife Saleswoman, Artist who wants to sell her Paintings and Sculpture.

    THEN I Got My 5 Minutes.


    A - The names of Two Podcast Networks. PODCASTBAY.com And Podbean.com

    And Two Different Podcast Hosts who Specialize in Small Biz Interviews for their network.

    I googled Podbean.com - which has a F-r-e-e Option. And a 3.00 a week Option for audio and video.

    Found a YouTube Listing called, "Watch This Before You Host a Podbean program."

    Wrote C. A. - The Host a note - about why I will make a good Interview Subject.

    AND now I better Finish Editing my darn book - so I have something to S*ell at the end of one or more of these Podcast interviews.

    VROOM VRoom!




    P.S. - I will keep adding to the end of this book. But I am VERY SURE I will Attract MORE than the 606.10 Goal I set.

    I Wonder How Much MORE Moolah I Will Attract?

    CHAPTER #28 - Ooops - We Manifested 629.00 Instead of 606.10


    As - You No Doubt - have figured out.

    For the Purpose of This Book -- We Set a Small goal.

    To Manifest 606.10 to pay for my car insurance.

    And Took 18 days to Reach that goal.

    Why so long?

    Because We chose to Go to lots and lots of Restaurants and Tip Local Waitresses rather than STAY HOME and send out moolah via PayPal or in snail mail.

    Personally - I Find Tipping Waitresses 10 or 15 LOTTO tickets BEFORE and During a meal - IS A LOT More Fun...Than On-Line Tipping.

    And for YOU the Reader - What happens when you Tip Face to Face is NEVER BORING!

    So The Restaurant Tipping Makes for a MUCH Better Book.


    First We Attracted 138.00

    Then 333.00 =

    TOTAL - 471.00

    Then Out-of -the Blue - Without Warning - Tonight at 7pm - another 296.00 (This came from a b*uyer we have not spoken to for a Month.)

    Grand TOTAL -

    333.00 Plus 296.00 = 629.00



    What did we do to attract the final 296.00?

    a - We Tipped a waitress 12.00 and she won 15.00

    b - We Paid 27.00 to send a case of Confetti Cannons to my Webmaster

    c - We Wrote Our Affirmation 25 times - two days running to Increase Positive Manifesting Energy.


    39.00 Given Away.

    10 X 39.00 = 390.00

    Not Quite 10 Times our munny back on the last round of P*aying it forward.

    But with a goal of 606.10

    We Manifested - 333.00 Plus 296.00 = 629.00

    Manifesting with a Proven Affirmation.

    Is Not an exact science.

    But over more than a decade of TESTING - this stuff has made us extra C*ash over and over and over.

    Thank you - Thank You Thank you for My 10 Times Return!



    P.S. - Now What?

    All of us - set a Bigger Financial Goal and Make a GAME of attracting MORE than that too.



    How To Make Extra CASH Before Booking WARM/FUZZY Appointments w/Millionaire Biz Owners - PART II


    Thanks for Joining us.

    Since Book #1 On How to MAKE EXTRA CASH Was So Successful We Decided to Write Volume II.

    In Order To Sell To Small Business Owners You Must FIRST Get Some Of Their Time.

    Just Suppose You Could MAKE MUNNY While you Are PRE-HEATING Your Prospects on the way to Getting That 1st Appointment?


    We've been doing that for years.

    Maybe You'd Like to Play with the idea too.




    Below is a Testimonial from Kimberly in the UK.

    Why Is It Here?

    To SMACK You Awake to the Moolah You Are Leaving on the Table if you don't Try This Out Yourself.

    Instead of asking for 10X Return.

    She Asked for 100X Return and Got it.

    You Should too.


    Quick update on my results using your affirmation Thank you, thank you, thank you for my 100x return. I just went past 100 x return on my first test.

    I donated my tiny tax return to a community project anonymously few days ago. They accepted it on Monday by email. This is what happened since - its pretty random:

  • I got given a food processor my friend bought for me on ebay
  • My neighbour was throwing out a leather office chair, so I got that for free
  • I got 2 free coffees and an apple
  • A stranger insisted on buying my groceries for me.
  • And today I read my email and got upgraded to a higher level of a membership thing which is worth around $200 dollars a month for a year, just to say thank you
  • Pretty cool, huh?




    (EDITORS NOTE - We Got "Kimberly's PERMISSION. And changed her Name and her Country as we always do. Kimberly said, "Of course you can add it to your book. Kimberly is fine.")




    I asked "Kimberly from the UK" a few questions.

    She says Her "Tiny Tax Return" was 35.00 US D*ollars

    The Value of Her Membership UpGrade -

    One Free month - 300.00 PLUS 12 Months at 234.00 a month = 3408.00

    TOTAL - 3708.00

    So even without all the Smaller F-r-e-e Stuff.

    35.00 ATTRACTED 3708.00 - MORE than 100X Return.



    P.S. - I just found a 18 inch long - Brand Spanking new Screw Driver next to the road where I walk. 10.00 at Amazon - (Just looked it up)

    So Our Munny Attraction Process Kinda Sorta Turns you into a POSITIVE ENERGY MAGNET.



    CHAPTER #1 - We Shot A Confetti Cannon At Our Bank Manager

    Each Confetti Cannon is 2.75 - so we spent 5.50 While ENTERTAINING Our Bank Manager.

    100 Times 5.50 = 550 bucks worth of Positive Moolah & Client Attraction Energy.



    F-r-e-e Ezine #3574

    Happy New Year,

    Thanks for sending me your M-o-n-e-y MANIFESTING RESULTS.

    As you know I Wrote a New GUARANTEED MUNNY MAGNET METHOD - Book Containing the Step By Step DIRECTIONS I've used for TEN YEARS to Attract a pile of EXTRA C*ASH.

    For ENTERTAINMENT Purposes I did most of my P-ayi-it-Forward Moolah GIVING to Waitresses.


    To Get You STARTED SMALL - so You Can Test This WEIRD IDEA with very little RISK Yourself.

    We gave Away moolah in ONE DOLLAR AMOUNTS.

    We Set a Goal of 606.10 - to P*ay my Car/Truck Insurance Bill ONLY with Dinero That FALLS on our HEAD in WEIRD Ways - without me Doing Direct Sales.




    So After We Passed The 606.10 GOAL we set a New Goal of 2000.00 and Started Giving Munny Away in New Ways.

    Specifically with our Confetti Cannons!

    Here's how you TIP Your Bank Manager for MAXIMUM RESULTS.

    (EDITORS NOTE - Our Tests Show if You Simply GIVE Your Waitress or Bank Teller a Confetti Cannon They Say, "YAWN - Thanks. Will that be all?")



    A - I sneaked around to her window.

    B - Tapped Loudly

    C - WAVED at her when she turned to look.

    D - Backed up and SHOWERED her window with Confetti.

    E - Then Staggered in thru the front door and walked over to her desk with a BIG GRIN.

    F - Said, "HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here is a Confetti Cannon of Your OWN to Play with."


    I didn't have to Fill Out My Own DEPOSIT SLIP Which I've had to do Every single Previous Visit..


    Fill out the WITHDRAWAL SLIP to Get moolah to B*uy more LOTTO tickets.

    And the Lady Bank Manager TALKED NON-STOP.


    We Found out our Bank - that was just converted to 90% Mortgage Offices Is Being CHANGED Back to All Bank Teller Windows.

    Which tells us the Mortgage Biz Must SUCK for this small bank - in our part of Maryland.

    InPut Like this is VALUABLE.





    CHAPTER #2 - Shot Confetti Cannon ON TOP OF SUV Driven By Neighbors Wife


    A couple days ago - one of my Gossippy (Is that a word?) Neighbors tells me, "Hey - somebody bought that house down the road that has been empty for 2 years."

    So on one of my WALKS I knocked on the door.

    Met the Wife.

    Found out they have 4 kids.

    Went back the next day. And Luckily she was just driving into her drive from grocery shopping.

    So I drove up behind her.


    Said, "I Brought a Happy New Year/"Welcome-to-the-Neighborhood" Surprise for your 4 Kids."

    Then With a Big Smile...

    We SHOT OFF a Confetti Cannon all over her black SUV.

    (EDITORS NOTE - The Confetti is bio-degradable. Meaning it rots.)

    Then handed her a box with 4 CANNONS inside.

    With a THANK YOU NOTE Envelope on top.

    She said, "The kids will LOVE THEM. Thank you."

    So I left.




    5 Cannons cost me 13.75

    So I said, "Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for my ONE THOUSAND Three Hundred and seventy Five Dollar Return."

    And forgot about it.

    And drove off thinking, "I wonder How Much Moolah I'll Attract?"





    CHAPTER #3 - YES U Can Read Minds - How We READ Cathy-The-Waitress' MIND

    You Ask, "Why Are You Practice-Selling Waitresses?"

    ANSWER - "Because If You Can Create a MIND MAP for your waitress...You can Create a MIND MAP for Any Small Business Owner.

    Your Next QUESTION Might be, "What good is a MIND MAP?"

    ANSWER - "A MIND MAP of a Small Business Owners Website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter -- Social Media IS AN EXACT X-RAY of Their BRAIN."

    And if you know what they ALREADY DO S*ales and Marketing-Wise in their Business.

    YOU KNOW WHAT THEY WILL Get Excited About Enough To BUY.

    This is SO IMPORTANT I'll say it again, but Differently.

    ***Small Business Owners BUY More of What They Are ALREADY DOING.***

    So a Map of Their BRAIN is Also a Map with Directions to their Bank Account.

    Here is Kathy's MIND MAP...


    Cathy's Lotto Ticket Winning MIND MAP -

    QUESTION - "What Do You LIKE BEST about the idea of Winning 1000.00 In The LOTTERY Cathy?"

    Answer - "The Munny Part."

    Q - "What is Most IMPORTANT to you About -- (The Munny Part?")

    ANSWER - "I need Munny to Pay Tuition for Community College."

    Q - What is Most EXCITING to You About (Paying Tuition?)

    ANSWER - "I can Focus Energy on Other Things."

    Q - What is Most SATISFYING About (Focusing Energy on Other Things?"

    ANSWER - "I Don't know."

    Q - "Let's go back then. "What is MOST SATISFYING to you about (Paying your Tuition?")

    ANSWER - "I Don't Have to STRESS OUT About Work."





    Why Did Cathy Let Me Ask her So Many ODD Questions?

    #1 - I Asked Her, "Will You Help Me Practice my New MIND MAPPING Hobby?" And she agreed.

    Why did She Say, "YES."

    We PRE-HEAT Lotto Ticket Tipped her.

    #2 - To Make it so ANY READER can do this too - I Handed Cathy 10 Lotto Tickets Before and All Thru the meal.

    So You Don't have to be GOOD with people.

    If you have Ten Bucks - You can READ MINDS too.

    Why MIND READ A Waitress?

    Why Did We Go to All This EFFORT To DEMONSTRATE How to Create a MIND MAP in a Waitress?

    Mind Reading Your WAITRESS and a BUSINESS OWNER is The Same

    Because The Process Of Creating a MIND MAP of a small Business owner Is EXACTLY the same as what we did with Kathy.

    What I know now about Kathy Will Allow me to Make an Appointment AND S*ell her SOLUTIONS to her Two Problems.

    Problem 1 - She Does Not Have Munny for Tuition.

    Problem 2 - She is STRESSED OUT At Work Because she is NOT Making Money Fast Enough as a Waitress.


    GET-An-APPOINTMENT Strategy I -

    (SOLUTION To Kathy's #1 Problem) If I Showed Cathy a Page With 20 Different Extra Cash Ideas that OTHER Waitresses Already Use to Make Bigger TIPS.

    Cathy is Guaranteed to be JUMPING With Excitement.

    (EDITORS NOTE - And I do have such a page. A Summary of Ideas from a Book We Wrote...about a "5000.00 a Day Waitress" - Who has collected dozens of BIGGER TIPS ideas.)

    ***5k a Day Waitress

    GET-An-APPOINTMENT Strategy II -

    SOLUTION to Kathy's #2 STRESSED OUT Problem - We Just Happen to Have Written a 100% Munny Back Guarantee for that too.

    "How to Knock Out Stress in 60 Seconds."

    ***How to Knock Out Stress in 60 Seconds.


    Let's STOP there.

    You Now See The Basic Process STEP By STEP.

    NEXT we Jump to a Small Business Owner and Do Their MIND MAP. The same we did for Cathy.

    The Challenge will be to Match something WE Can Help Them with to Their TOP 2 or 3 BIGGEST PROBLEMS.



    P.S. - THINK BIGGER - Our Current Moolah Attraction Goal is 2000.00

    So my 12.00 LOTTO tipping Plus Confetti Cannon Purchases Are..

    19.25 plus 12.00 = 31.24

    Thank You Thank You Thank You for My 100 TIMES Return

    Which gives us 3124.00 worth of Positive Energy Manifesting Power - so far.