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What We Paid The Millionaire Waitress for her Tipping Secrets

#1 - How An Aussie Restaurant Owner Fetched 100's of new Customers with a BIG ARROW in His Driveway.

#2 - Atlanta, Georgie - Store Owner packs his parking lots by giving away soda and softdrinks AT COST.

#3 - Gettysburg, Maryland - The owner only works 6 months a year. 1/2 his restaurant walls are covered in home made cakes, pies, muffins

#4 - Disneyland, FL - A Client installed special concrete. So The walls, sidewalks and parking lot spells out HAPPY BIRTHDAY in bright lights.

#5 - Austria - ONE Free Ice cream cone per family. Creates War in the ranks.

#6 - Brisbane - Giant monster footprints lead the kids to the FREE SAMPLES tables.

#7 - Toronto, Canada - 1 Free Meal Coupons Given to all Movie Patrons

#8 - Orlando, FL - STAR WALL. Strategy that gets 100's of celebrities to attend. Others follow.

#9 - Michigan - Sports Restaurant - "Free Meal For Mom" Ads in all the sports programs in area schools.

#10 - Virginia - Swapped ideas with the Founder of Arby's. His favorite is to open a FREE Beauty Parlor in Extra room.

#11 - New Zealand - "Have a Candy on Us" basket hanging from ceiling Triples sales.

#12 - Miami - TABLE TOP DISPLAY - CliffHanger Recipes, Chef Interviews, Most Popular Snack quiz


How A Waitress Bought A Restaurant Out of Her TIPS

Just Suppose a Waitress Takes Care of 10 Tables in a Packed Restaurant. And gets about 50.00 TIPS per table from 100+ tables Per shift. That's 5K a night!

Dear friend,


As You Can See I Posted a List of Above & Beyond The Call of Duty Restaurant Sales Strategies - at the top of this letter.



ONE - You are Supposed to Get CURIOUS To Find Out What I got In Return for Details about Million Dollar Restaurants around the world. And READ More."

TWO - You'll Find Out Why I Can Gift You With a Dozen Mega- Restaurant Strategies but Have to Keep TIPS Details like Names and The City SECRET.

THREE - You Will Find Out Why Shirley-The-Millionaire Waitress Writes Nothing Down. And her Prospects EAT the evidence!

Here's what it's all about...

I attended a Food/Drink Trade Association Trade Show recently with a client. He wanted company. And in his own words, "I need a grabber at these events. Someone to DRAG people back to me."

Jerry likes me to jump into the stream of passing people and drag prospects back to his booth so he can give his spiel.

This shindig was held at a huge Convention Center. There were literally thousands of people there.

But I Spotted a Short Blonde Lady In Black Hypnotizing 100's of People!

This Magician Sent Whole families scooting off towards the exit.

I followed her for a while to watch.

  • I - She waved to get attn and stop Groups of people in the aisle.
  • II - She said something.
  • III - She held up Chocolate chip cookies to each one.
  • IV - She tore open the plastic and held it up for them to grab.
  • V - She spoke again.
  • VI - The chewing people's Eyes GLAZED OVER.
  • VII - They took her card and marched for the exit
  • I was Curious. So I followed one group toward the door. Said, "Were those Cookies any good?"

    The husband laughed and showed me the card she'd given him. He held it up to his nose to smell it - then my nose. "Chocolate Chips," He said. "It smells like cookies."

    And he told me they were headed across the street to get MORE Chocolate Cookies for the kids.

    The White Business Card Was BLANK!

    Have You Ever Seen a BLANK Business Card?

    Me niether.

    Off and on before lunch I got to watch this lady work her witchcraft. I noticed she had a young boy walking back and forth with a black airline luggage bag on wheels. He pretended not to know her.

    But when she ran out of cookies in her big shopping bag. He'd walk by and hand her a new bag full.


    I knew this game. I've done variations on it myself many times for clients. Instead of renting a 5000.00 Trade Show Table and Booth you just pay the door fee. The stamp let's you go in and out and pay just once.

    This lady was Zapping 1000's of Trade Show folks back to her restaurant!

    And being careful to fly under the radar too.

    Rightfully so.... Didn't want the trade show organizers to know she was borrowing 1000's of their patrons - right off the Convention Floor.

    For Lunch I Took My Client Across The Street to the "COOKIE CAVE"!

    A great name for a warehouse.

    The lady in black had rented an empty warehouse. Set up 100's of tables under white table clothes. And Put a plastic wrapped Giant Chocolate cookie at each chair on the table.

    The sign said,

    "Your Mom Would Say, "EAT Something Before Dessert!"

    And there was a big cafeteria line full of food. And trays to put it on.

    You serve yourself.

    But there were some NEW wrinkles.

    Ideas that you might not see if you weren't looking closely - like me.

    A pretty girl greets you at the door. She is wearing a beige Skirt with a Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie painted on it. And a Chef Hat with a cookie pinned to the front.

    There are clothing and hat racks along the walls. And the waitresses lead you over there 1st before escorting you to a table.

    Everyone wears a cookie! Each waitress pins a cookie in a bag with a pin attached to your shirt. Then walks with you thru the line. Explaining what is good. What is fresh. Answering questions. Then running back and forth with beverages and napkins.

    Boxes of Cookies Were Piled High -in Trucks- in TheKitchen

    On my way to the dessert table I got a peek into the "kitchen." Itwas hidden behind some temporary office divider walls.

    There was a big truck with a ramp. A metal machine filled - rolling kitchen.

    And several trucks that looked like boxy UPS vehicles. Piled high with Cookie Boxes.

    One guy with a handtruck was in back. Everybody else worked outfront.

    The Waitress brought 3 boxes to our table. 100.00 of cookies - 50.00 size - 25.00 size...Explaining that if each family member ate one cookie a day they'd have less than a week supply.

    NOW You Know How they can afford to give so Many Cookies Away!

    Just Suppose you ate lunch with your family and paid 100.00 for food. Or even 200.00 for the whole mob and kids too.

    Would YOU Give Your Waitress a 50.00 tip?

    THAT'S What I Saw Going on all around us. And I couldn't SEE Any Reason Why it Was Happening.

    Something NEW We for You and Me to Play with in Sales.

    So when the lady in Black Came Back. And started waving and shaking hands and greeting all the people she'd sent to her Cookie Moolah Making Machine....

    I walked over - shook her hand. Handed her the page of ideas at the top of this letter. And told her I'd explain every idea on the page in detail, IF she told me what was going on with the Mega-Waitress-Tipping. (I carry this page and use it to TIP the Manager or an owner that comes over to say, "Hi.")

    And THAT is how I Found Out all of Her 1-of-a-kind SECRET SELLING SYSTEMS Stuff.

    By the way - what I was seeing was her way of "Juicing" up the customer counts back at her full time restaurant. With out-of-town, visitor, vacationers MONEY. She bought a restaurant's fixtures at bankruptcy sales. Loaded it all onto a semi-trailer-truck.

    Visits cities and towns with fairs, convention centers within driving distance of her restaurant. All on the quiet.

    I knew where she was coming from. I've warned my clients many times not to brag or be visibly successful. It always trips you up.

    Smart lady!

    Here's what I found out during our interview.



    Your No-Risk VIDEO BOOK Order Form & Table of Contents



    Glenn here. Shirley's MEGA-TIPPING system is so easy and idiot- proof YOU will get Amazing Results even if you skip the Hypnosis aspects completely.

    Your 365 day 100% Money back Guarantee is ironclad. All we ask is that you TAke Action. Shake hands with 10 or 12 people. Use The HIDDEN TOUCH on them repeatedly and write down your results. Then ask for a refund. You'll get it.


    INTRODUCTION - The POWER The Lady in Black Discovered...

    a - 100% of Healthy Babies Died During an Efficiency Experiment at a hospital

    b - Why Scientists FIRED a Lab Assistant. Her LOVE Kept all of the Rabbits Who Were Supposed to DIE Alive. Screwed up their cancer experiment. (That's correct. HER rabbits lived after being injected with a poison that killed all the other rabbits.)

    c - What Happens When You Add LOVE Power and Hypnosis POWER?



    CHAPTER #1 - First - I Should Tell You What The Lady in Black Was Doing to Get 100% of Her Cookie Victims Back to her "Cookie Cave."

    a - She asks a Cookie TRANCE Question

    b - Anchors visual, auditory, kinesthetic

    c - Gives a permanent SMELL Anchor and Offers a Cookie BRIBE.

    ACTION SUMMARY - Exactly what she says and does. The detailed Sales Script.



    CHAPTER #2 - Next - I Should Tell You How This Gal Started as a Waitress and Got A Chance to OWN Her Own Restaurant.

    a - As a Young Girl she got a job in a friends hi-end Restaurant chain. Traveling btwn restaurants she spotted older waiters making HUGE tips.

    b - By Combining and testing she was able to create a pace of 200K++ in tips a year.

    c - Her Dad's Friend noticed. Asked her to Run the bar at a new Restaurant he was opening. She packed the place.

    d - The same owner asked her to work as a manager. Almost had a HEART ATTACK when he discovered he couldn't Afford to Match Her Tips!

    e - Through her Dad she invested some of her 200,000+ a month tips in the restaurant. The owner had to sell due to financial trouble in his real estate biz. She and her father bought it.



    CHAPTER #3 - The Science Behind The MAGIC of Certain Kinds of Touch

    a - Video Links to a man 1000's of Doctors and Scientists Say is for real.

    b - His Amazon book Where He Teaches You to Use Your Own Power.

    c - A UK World-wide study proving that People FEEL Happier/ energized when communicating in 3 ways at once. (Which Explains WHY what Shirley the millionaire waitress has discovered is so EFFECTIVE.)



    CHAPTER #4 - How Shirley Uses Touch to Make You Say, "YES" 5 to 10 times BEFORE You Even Sit Down At Her Table.

    a - Coat

    b - Chair

    c - Introduction and swap of names



    CHAPTER #5 - How Shirley (Invisibly) Channels Your Mom All Thru the meal.

    a - Coat, hat

    b - Napkin, straw

    c - Bribes to the kids - share grins with the parents



    CHAPTER #6 - What Shirley Says to CHANGE Your Perception & Focus A Huge Amount of The Diners' Attn On HER!

    a - Her Trance Question.

    b - Her anchor.

    c - Her Hidden Double Anchor Disguised by a Handshake.



    CHAPTER #7 - What Shirley CHANGED That Boosted Her TIPS Through The Roof.

    a - Hello.

    b - Introduction

    c - Handshake

    d - What She Does All thru the meal (And teaches her waitresses) that gets Tips of 50 to 100.00 per table! And why It is Invisible. I Missed it too.



    CHAPTER #8 - Let's Discuss The Golden Rule. How Shirley Gives All Thru the meal - forcing Happy Patrons to OVER-TIP.

    a - On and off - clothing

    b - in and out - furniture

    c - Meet VIP's

    d - Quick turns of the crackers, bread, rolls

    e - The bread crumb Gambit

    f - Clean plate competition - Shirley makes it a racing game

    g - Diabolical Trick - 1 per family (Invisibly Ups the total meal cost)



    CHAPTER #9 - We Put All the Words, NLP anchors and Psychological Games together in one place.

    a - Before they sit

    b - When they sit

    c - After they sit down

    d - All thru the meal to ROlLER-COASTER their Energy

    A Trick with their Change that JUMPS your tip



    CHAPTER #10 - Do You Attend Networking Events, Meetings, Conferences Where Hypnotizing People so they're JUMPINGOUT of Their Skin Happy with you is helpful?

    a - How to Start with the traditional Handshake.

    b - How to Add The Double ANCHOR.

    c - How to RATCHET Up Their Energy - Invisibly - Surrounded by people with nobody noticing.



    CHAPTER #11 - Do You Eat Breakfast or Lunch with Clients?

    a - YOU Take over Shirley's Invisible Steps

    b - You Introduce the waitress

    c - You Do The Extra Anchoring all thru the meal TO YOUR CLIENT.

    Action Summary

    We walk you thru the steps...



    CHAPTER #12 - My 1st FLIRT TEST With This Almost Got Me STABBED!

    a - With a prospect and his partner at a Sports Bar I was plying the barmaid with 1.00 bills to bring us TWO of EVERYTHING.

    b - I went over to see a Darts Game closer Up. I'd read about the New Longer Range Dart Blow Gun But not SEEN one close up.

    c - I Shook Hands with a pretty red-head Next in line to shoot. I Did SHIRLEY'S Hidden Double Anchor over and over and over and over.

    d - She got the giggles. I bent over to pick up a dart she dropped. Christa Put the dartgun to her lips and JUMPED when I Hit the Hidden Anchor again.

    e - I felt a THWACK and looked down to see a dart sticking out of my sportsjacket. If She'd missed the coat, I'd have been BLEEDING. The darts had 1 inch long Steel Points.

    ACTION SUMMARY - #1 - Exactly What I Did To Get The Giggle BlowGun Effect. #2 - The part I'd do DIFFERENTLY!



    Some of the Other Unusual Energy or sales or marketing productsand services I've found on Ebay are

    #1 - A green laser is beamed energy.

    #2 - Yugio green magic card deck auctions boast of Dark Energy - ooooh.

    #3 - Someone is actually selling a Monster energy wrist band or bracelet

    #4 - Then we have a green energy drink or superfood

    #5 - The acai berry is supposed to give you energy

    #6 - Then we have the green tea. Supposed to detox and energize

    #7 - Car energy from the Kawasaki motor racing team

    #8 - Green Jade Pendants are suppose to help you live longer - energy healing to boot.

    #9 - We must not forget the Energy drinks. RedBull has added caffeine to theirs. Must be a kick in the pants.

    #10 - Steve Jobs at Apple computer has found a greener longer lasting battery to power the iPad and the ipod too.

    #11 - A powerseller says that his energy drink will help you loseweight and lose fat due to walking more.

    #12 - Pokemon is selling green energy collectors cards.

    #13 - Then there is Energy saving window film. I used to put asticky version of this over busted windows at my college job.

    #14 - You know Green is big when Lego comes out with a Green Halo energy mini action figure.

    #15 - HVAC or air conditioning has changed too. More energy efficient.

    #16 - Oh yes - an Energy saver blanket

    #17 - Energy gemstone necklaces - I wonder how they work?

    #18 - Dunno how this works but there is a GU10 Green energy saving light bulb too

    #19 - The energy candy bar Larabar Jocalat sticker is being sold

    #20 - I've been reading about solar energy gadgets that power or recharge your watch or your PDA.

    #21 - A UK company sells a pedal machine that can recharge your computer while you are out camping or deer hunting.

    #22 - 6 bottles of Blue green algae or spirulina energy food are for sale.

    #23 - Plus a farm life magazine teaches you how to add a wind turbine to your farm.

    #24 - All sorts of pholtovoltaics are there. Entire websites.

    #25 - A white witch is offering to do a "custom Energy Spell" for you - only 33.00

    #26 - You can cleanse your aura with wicca witchcraft energy.

    #27 - We've got positive energy aura spells for sale

    #28 - And somebody claiming to be a Vampire is offering a pranicPsychic Energy spell for 695.00!

    #29 - I believe our exercises can help all those using Reiki Magic.

    #30 - There is a moon tides energy amulet

    #31 - And a cleanse my karma spell to uplift energy

    #32 -Uncut emeralds are supposed to attract energy

    #33 - Then we've got the clear skin Beauty Wiccan Bliss energy spell.

    #34 - Wicca positive pregnancy and Fertility Energy spell

    #35 - I'm not saying any of this won't work. I'm just saying - I'veseen dowsing done but IF your energy is 200% greater - you will be abetter dowser.

    #36 - Copper nuggets and bracelets energize and heal - maybe

    #37 - I love this guy selling Voodoo wicca Energy spells. Do these 2 kinds of magic fit together? Perhaps a massively energize aura would letyou combine some of this stuff.

    #38 - The book of 5 rings talks about I Ching Reading coins

    #39 - I like the looks of the 258.00 Vlad or Dracula Coffin handbag. Red leather. But you'd NEED extra energy to carry the extra wgt.

    #40 - I've seen hello kitty pillows. But Black devil goth skull cat earrings are kind of trippy.

    #41 - Afraid to close your eyes? Get a Pirates skull goth Daddy moonbeam pillowcase.

    #42 - I like the Lizard eye Gothic Pendant too.

    #43 - Some of my best customers when I sold advertising wereGypsy Palm readers. The business owner was always home. I got dizzy many times from psychic readings. only 7.99 for a 1/2 hr

    #44 - I guess if you are going to get an amulet - a Haunted WitchesAmulet that attracts positive energy is better than one without the spook energy.

    #45 - I worked with a dentist one time who had a full time numerologist to help him make decisions.

    #46 - Here's someone selling Haunted Dolls - with protection spiritsattached. The doll looks scary alright.

    #47 - Tarot card reading is popular. I have a deck but haven't taken the time to learn how to use it.

    #48 - Djinn Watcher is a Red stone amulet that contains the spirit of an angel that helps you attract what you want.

    #49 - The Haunted female watcher RING grants wishes. Looks nifty.

    #50 - The rare Haunted Warlock Ring contains 10,000 Angels - 30,652.00 so it better be good!

    #51 - Haunted ring of universal magic 2,500.00

    #52 - In a Nikola Tesla biography the author told how the inventor had so much electricity in his body that when he'd pet the cat his motherwas afraid the sparks would start a fire in the house. It's Clear the body can store a Lot more Electrical Energy than we settle for.

    #53 - Years ago I attended 15 Jay Abraham Protege Events. Jay announced that the owner of Nightingale-Conant was in the room. Credential himself? Yes, but the Energy injected into the room by regular listing of STARS was amazing.

    #54 - Orson Wells was clearly a high energy person. In his youth hetravelled to meet famous people. He wrote radio and movie scripts. Produced plays. Dated the movie stars of his day. Didn't seem to sleep much. "The War of the Worlds" radio panic was an off the cuff accident.

    #55 - A Florida billionaire we interviewed - uses his person Energy and confidence level to act like a Pied Piper convince 10 investors to put 100 million each into his bank. Then he shows them how to double it. Sir Richard Branson was one of his neighbors.

    #56 - Author Orson Scott Card - applies a gravity based sense of energy and leadership in his mega-book - best seller - Enders Game.

    #57 - The brother of a friend - got investors to put up a billion to buyand build a Mega-golf-Resort in Hawaii. Then he needed help from my friend - to sell million dollar memberships. She has a hobby that takes Energy and guts. She travels around to friends houses making them money on the fly.

    #58 - Why do you think Microsoft xbox 360 sales took off - (They created a high energy Situation) they set up game challengers and rewards for best selling games?

    #59 - An Associate of mine, Judy Kendall in Ohio, couldn't sellFuzzBuster Radar Detectors except face to face until she hit on the ideaof using CD Radio. She also harnessed the ideas and energy of the janitor and the secretaries.

    #60 - The Survivor TV show is almost always won by the one person who has the energy to OUT-think the others.

    #61 - An important aspect of the Profitability of the Google miraclesearch engine is based on an Extra Energy Reward/penalty System. Each employee has to post something NEW they are doing every other day or get their pay docked.

    #62 - Steve Jobs built his see-thru Apple Stores to take advantage of the fact that Extra Energy is created in non-buyers when they see OTHERS buying Macs and playing with electronic iPhone toys they don'thave.

    #63 - What do you think REALLY motivated the ancient Egyptian pharaohs and Kings to build pyramids for themselves? The men that gotthe most buildings up lived longest.

    #64 - Texas Holdem Poker is popular because of the psychology it uses. The best players shove Electrical Energy into the others at the table. Rattle and Unsettle them so they can't think. I've seen Phil Helmuth lose because of this.

    #65 - Dan Kennedy says one of his favorite restaurant marketing strategies is borrowing cars from a used car lot. This takes some Guts and outside the box Energy!

    #66 - In the Bible - the story of David and Goliath is one of the mostpopular. Yes - the little guy beating the giant is memorable. But the REASON David won was his faith and High Energy belief in himself. He'd killed lions. He figured Goliath was going to be easier and he was right. His positive energy kept the naysayer energy away.

    #67 - Founding father Ben Franklin walked and swam and did allkinds of athletics as a young man. He had so much energy that he'd stayup writing all night. His brother threw him out of the house for sneakingarticles - supposedly written by a woman - under his door. He used the idea to build his Print Shop franchising business.

    #68 - Ben's personal energy is still affecting America. In his 80's Ben Franklin negotiated to create 2 houses in Congress. Barak Obama would have more quickly passed his Health Bill if Ben hadn't broken atie and set up a Senate AND a Congress to balance representation.

    #69 - My favorite Magic tricks are those where the volunteer on stage is confused. But the audience is laughing because they See thetrick coin and Understand the trick. I've Practiced this a few times. It takes Energy to out-think an entire audience.

    #70 - Donald Trump focuses on building hi rise towers for theaffluent. Because he knows how to tap into the Energy power of themany people and apply the GHOST MIND to sell out the units. BEFORE the building is finished.

    #71 - The Apprentice - uses layers and layers of Mastermind Energy power. Which is why Mr Trump focused so much of his own and his topteam members time on it. It had a quantum effect on his wealth.

    #72 - Did you know that Les Paul - the inventor of the gibson guitar - personally applied a personal sales energy solution to make his own sales? He sold his first album to a struggling record producer.

    #73 - Rodney Dangerfield discovered the Higher Energy Clout of being the under-dog in his comedy persona. The man who don't get no respect.

    #74 - Dale Earnhardt had more of the GHOST MIND energy in himthan other drivers. He had to win or else.

    #75 - I just watched Will Smith in an interview. Then went on to watch other YouTube videos about him. His father tore down a stone wall. Then told Will and his younger brother to rebuild it. It looked impossible. Took them a yr and a half. Dad said, "See, you can do theImpossible."

    #76 - The Reason Star Wars is so popular world wide is the fact thatONE MAN successfully opposed all others and changed an empirespanning many galaxies. Sort of the ultimate Expression of the GHOST MIND ENERGY.

    #77 - The recent tip of the day Affiliate Program offer by Bob Proctor - who is re-selling his old content in a new way - on-line. Skips allTestimonials, endorsements and other social proof. Bob relies instead on the Hi Energy chutzpah.

    #78 - Looking back to my interview of Tony Robbins #1 salesman, he used the a high personal energy formula to get his start. He gavedozens of speeches all over town for FREE. And Anthony Robbins applied the same concept IN his seminar room. And in his TV and video sales offers.

    #79 - The one time I watched Brian Tracy speak I was struck by hisenergy level. The hotel had given the audience WRONG directions to find the room with his products. But Brian found a way around that.