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FBI Truth Test - How To CATCH A Liar In 60 Seconds

Boyfriend LIED

Thank you Sooo Much for the FBI Truth Test. My best friend caught her boyfriend sleeping around. The PIG. Carol

Dear Glenn,

I have truly enjoyed the lie detector report and to my surprise it does work. Now, I am interested in your Instant Handwriting System. How may I acquire it? Thanks for your time.



Dear Glenn,

Yes, you are welcome to use my Thank You note and might add "I find this to be quite intriguing".



Car Salesman LIED

Hi again,

You were correct. When I went back to the zyx dealership and asked the car sales bast__d, "Have you sold this same car to others for less?"

He said "No" - and LIED.

I got mad and asked, "You're LYING. How MUCH less?"

He got red in the face. Coughed. Stammered.

Dropped the price by 400.00! (I think I startled him.) Which price I promptly used to buy a car from his competitor. At 400.00 less.

I'd like to rivet gun the little weasel to the wall. I wouldn't buy Dog Food from the lying rat.

Women really get taken advantage of car shopping.

Thanks. (Yeah - You can share this diamond like wisdom with your readers.)



ShowStore Clerk LIED

Hi Glenn, I Used Your Test of Truth Today I was in a shoe store 10 minutes before closing. The young girl clerk said she didn't have my size Something seemed ODD. So I FBI quizzed her. She failed. Then I double-checked! I told her a girl friend with same size feet was in here yesterday. Look again. She found them! Surprise. Thanks. You saved me making another shopping trip. Elaine =======================================

Rotten Boss LIED on Application

Glenn, Luv the FBI Truth sneaky test. I caught my new boss from Hell in some lies. Asked the HR people some questions about her. Oh boy. Turns out nobody checked up on her Resume or qualifications. My boss is GONE. And they rewriting the hiring process. Thank you. Amen. Now I m my own boss again at work! Harriet


Division Manager LIED

Hey Glenn,

Your FBI brain squeeze Report rocks. We all know our division manager is a rat. Well. After he called me in to say my job was "safe." I checked with your QUICKIE test. He lied.

I checked around. Yup. Our division was TOAST.

I got a NEW job even BEFORE he could FIRE me.




Clothing Store Clerk LIED


Used your FBI Quiz in a clothing department at a store.

I asked the cash register clerks name. Then compared her answer to her answer when I said, "Is this the cheapest shirt in medium you have?"

She was lying. So I hunted around. Found a rack at 50% off. Then took the store discount of 40% off that. Got two shirts for 11.00 each.

Thanks Glenn!



CASE STUDY:A Stock Researcher friend - Craig - was worried. He'd heard rumors that his company was about to be bought by Perot Systems. We taught him the "INVISIBLE LIE Detector Test."

He asked his division manager. (The striped polo shirt skunk said, "NOT TRUE.") And the guy lied.

So we coached him on how to CALL other companies Perot Systems had bought up. Find out what Qualities they VALUED. Then write up HIS best qualities on a LIST. With PROOF. (Testimonials and notes from managers, co-workers and stock brokers he did Technical research for.)

RESULT? Everyone in his department got a PAY cut. Or got fired EXCEPT for Craig Proctor. He was sworn to secrecy and given a PAY RAISE.

I stuck this in Just so you know how VALUABLE knowing the TRUTH can be!



Restaurant Order Taker LIED

Hi. I took my Mom to lunch today.

I noticed the receipt didn't have her Senior Citizen Discount on it. So I asked, "I could tell the girl LIED when I asked about it. She said, "We're Not allowed to give the senior citizen discount unless you ask."

We went back a week later. Sure enough the girl gave us the BONUS without our asking.



Room Full of Cocaine Addicts LIE over and over...


Your FBI info is a god-send. I manage a hospital division. Our job is to support recovering addicts to get back into society.

Some of these people used to make a million dollars selling drugs on the street. My nearly impossible mission?

Keep them from back-sliding. Catch them in lies. Make them admit they lied. Prop them up until they get well enough to be responsible for themselves.

My group now thinks I've got ESP and Psychic X-ray eyes all rolled into one.





Got a good one for you.

I got lost on the way to a meeting at MAC cosmetics.

Stopped to get directions. The Playboy magazine reading store clerk seemed confident. But I use your LIE Detector Test.


He LIED like an alligator rug. He didn't have a clue. I asked a customer. Got totally different directions. Got there on time.





FBI Truth Test - How To CATCH A Liar In 60 Seconds

Dear friend,

Thanks for reading a few of the Testimonials I've collected.

You'd LOVE it if you could spot a lie at 30 paces. WHAT IF... you had a handy dandy NLP Lie Detector in your head. So you'd know whenever a date fibs. Or a boyfriend. Or a girlfriend. Nothing electronic. Just a magical way to use your vitamix enhanced wits!

Like hooked on phonics and math flash cards teach you reading and arithmetic. You'll learn some simple mind reading. Its quicker and sneakier than what we learned in school.

Best of all...These techniques have been proven and used for years.

The FBI already use a lie detector like this. You can't lie to an FBI agent.

We did a marketing project with a Jay Abraham grad & former FBI agent. He taught us exactly how to CATCH a liar. 100% of the time. 100% accurate. And how to double check to make sure.

Ya' know the BEST part?

You know For Sure but the liar doesn't know you know.


Let's say that another way.

You'll know he or she is lying. But they won't know you found out. Until (or unless) you force them to admit they lied!

It's often Safer to just - walk away.

Rather than hit them over the head with your Hoover Floor mate. Wrap them in an egyptian cotton bed sheet. Toss them in the freezer.

Too much effort. They're not worth your time. Why risk their anger?

Now that you know the TRUTH.

Just leave.

Take Action on their Ass later - when it's safe.



**************************************** Las Vegas Casino Engineer Case Study:

Here's more Proof. You CAN use this NLP Lie Detector system - over the phone. (We'll walk you thru it Step by Step in the FBI Truth Test Book.)

We get referred to a client prospect. He works in a big Gambling Resort Casino.

He complained that he hated the fact that his credit cards were always maxed out. He had to count his pennies just to buy an Amish Quilt for his wife's birtday.

I asked, "Are you willing to SAVE? Pay off the cards IF we work together?

He said, "Yes."

But something didn't sound "right." His voice didn't sound ergonomic. Not comfortable.

So I went thru the Lie Detector process quickly. HE FLUNKED.

PROOF? His wife called the next day. BLURTED out that they'd taken a 2nd mortgage on their home to buy a new in-ground pool and sauna.

You can't get paid when a client is in that Kind of deep HOT WATER. So I never called back.

YOU can save yourself this way too.


*********************************** This Lie Detector System works in ANY language. With practice it takes 60 seconds or so. (About the same amount of time that Napoleon Hill took to mentally clear out a parking space. A client took "get Rich" classes from Napoleon himself.)

We all know lies can KILL. IGnorance is dangerous! In a 6 hr speech Brian Tracy advised us to ASK this question... "What are your goals?" THIS too is an invisible test. If he or she has none. No future with that person. Why stay blind when you coulda, shoulda' - CAN see more clearly?

A - Men lie to women. B - Women lie to men. C - With Aids and untreatable STD's an unfaithful boyfriend or girlfriend can literally destroy your life. End it even.

And That is why we're offering this E-Report. As a service to our members.


====================== Free Demonstration #1 --

Think of your favorite elementary school teacher. Picture your Dad or mothers face. What did you eat for dinner last night? Picture the inside front seat of your car. Can you see the outside front door of the house or apt where you live?


As you go back thru these images - please notice that your eyes move around. Each picture in your memory is in a different spot.


We all store our memories in the air around us.


When when someone stands too close and you say, "Don't crowd me - I can't think." This is VERY true. They're standing in your pictures! So you can't think clearly.

People From Different Cultures Store Their Brain Pictures Differently TOO. An employee from India used to stand 2 feet from me. Spit in my face to talk. (I'd back up. He'd follow.)

A Joe Sugarman biz associate told us that he took a while to get used to the distance differences. Hong Kong people stand closer to talk than in the USA.

We attended a "Hugging Boot Camp". Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul fame was a speaker. Led an exercise. By the end of 2 days - I was hugging everybody I met.

Dr Donald Moine talks about something similar. An NLP technique called a "negative yes." For our purposes here - The sum of all of these points is:

I - The FBI Truth Test allows U to READ how and where people store their memory pictures. II - Do it in a quick, EZ way. III - Read ANYones' mind - True or False - with absolute confidence. (We tell U how to double check what U found too.)

Why Should U Learn The FBI Truth Test?

Cuz some of the most profitable companies in the world.



Take advantage of where U look. And INSERT what they want you to feel... Simply because of their understanding of where your Brain Pictures are.

Billion dollar corporations really do USE this information to force you to buy more.


McDonalds is the most profitable restaurant chain in the world. Not by accident.

McDonalds puts all it's food signs WAY up high.


Because Robert Cialdini and other top NLP experts know people look down when they're sad. And unhappy people don't buy as much!

By forcing you to look UP - you feel happier and you EAT more.

The top psychologists in the world figure out stuff like this.


The FBI knows we all have a place we look when we tell the truth. We also have a spot we look at when we lie.

The phrase, "He had a shifty eyed look about him," takes on new meaning now. Doesn't it?

Many people have rapidly moving eyes as they formulate ways to say something different than the truth. So there is a lot of truth to this. Others are more practiced liars. But you can still spot them.

IF you know how.

*********** *********** You get the following easy to use information in a book. Proven strategies we use in our consulting business.

"FBI Truth Test - How To Spot (& CATCH) A Liar In 60 Seconds" -

#1 - Face to face - in person -- You get simple questions you can ask. They sound like everyday conversation. So nobody will know what you are doing. You can walk away - SAFE.

#2 - Over the phone - Yup. You get our pre-tested Groucho Marx phone routine too. We use this with prospects who say "I can't afford to pay you so much money." It's tough to negotiate when the other guy seems to Read Your Mind!

#3 - On-line too - Using Instant Messaging - You can give any man or woman the "FBI Truth test." Bust him or her. Save your time. Save yourself lots of money for travel and dates.

Even if you type slow This'll save you dough! Skip out on dates with bums & liars.

The Best - Be Safe - Be Prepared - Investment you'll make.


#1 - CHEAP. Since this can SAVE your life. A guy wants to help you with your groceries. You ASK, "You're just going to HELP me? That's all? ONE look and you'll know to STAY inside until he's gone. Or - allow him to help. #2 - You want to KNOW if a Cab driver KNOWS how to get to a Robert Kiyasaki program. You ASK a couple questions and you KNOW for sure. #3 - You ASK your son or daughter. Are YOU using any kinds of drugs? Are kids at this party going to be smoking WACKY weed? You may FIND OUT a lot real Quick. #4 - You make a presentation for a prospective client. You ASK the Division Head, "Are you really, truly interested in BUYING? (You can make a LOT more presentations to REAL prospects if you KNOW what decision makers are truly THINKING!) #5 - You doubt? While coming back from a Tony Robbins speech I asked a client, "Are you going to pay me for consulting? (We waited.) Then asked, "Or are you going to pay Tony 25K?" Hey. Hey. Tony had the guy hypnotized. Saved us a whole lotta wasted time.


(EITHER You Get The FBI Test E-book Automatically OR We Snail Mail You The FBI TRUTH TEST or - You E-mail me the E-mail address you want it sent to. My Webmaster Chris will Make Sure You Get it OK.)

Does this work?

Oh yeah.

Just this week a guy said he couldn't afford a $1000 fee. BUSTED him using the FBI Truth Test. (I later found a photo of a new car on his Facebook page.)

TODAY - met a man who moaned, "I'm strapped. Cleaned out. Did the FBI Test to double-check.

He never knew we called his office. Asked "I was just having lunch with Jim Whiting your boss. Where did he say he was taking his vacation? I want to surprise him with a gift that is appropriate. HA! He's going to Cabo San Lucas for 2 weeks! (Broke, yeah right. Liar.)

Is the check REALLY in the mail? Now you will know for sure.

It certainly saves us a lot of wasted time. No more pain from prospects who wouldn't know the truth if it bit them.

We drop them so hard they bounce!

Thanks, Glenn

P.S. - "Awww Mom - How did you know I haven't done all my homework - You're in California."

Don't get up out of your chair to find out if they've taken out the trash. Or washed the dishes. Or cleaned their room. Ask a few casual questions. You'll get a reputation at home as...

Psychic Mom. Psychic Dad.




Here is how YOU can benefit or profit - NOW.

Dating - Your LOVE life - Is he or she telling you the TRUTH about your Relationship?

#1 - Is your LOVE in love with someone else? FIND OUT. Don't waste energy on the bum. You won't need a psychic or a PI or private detective. Does your boyfriend or hubby REALLY have to work late? Find out for sure on the phone. Without him knowing YOU know. (This is not hypnosis. You can learn to do it in 5 minutes)

At HOME - #2 - Manage and control your kids. Don't raise your cholesterol and blood pressure. No more stress. Is the kid on drugs. ASK in a way that tells you for sure. Does your son or daughter REALLY have thier homework done? Sleep better cuz you know.

At WORK - #3 - Control, influence and AVOID lying bosses and co-workersYou know there are Hundreds of books about DIFFICULT people. That means millions of co-workers with SOB on their foreheads. (Water purification - you purify and drink spring water. Why not do the same with the people near you?) You can ID and AVOID these wolves in Barbie Doll sheeps clothing!

Every work place has problem people. Wouldn't it be LOVERLY to really know who to trust. And them None the wiser? Like having a new reader in your corner. Who doesn't READ the words. He uses Mind control and NLP or hypnosis to get the truth from their brain. Without anybody knowing. Not even them.

In SALES True (our quickie, no study) handwriting screening system helps. But how do you know who to do a Personality Profile on. Spot the Prospect from Hell. The one with the hgh, hide in plain sight be a new person wigs. Focus on the honest prospects who will pay on time. Metaphysical and ancient eckankar science has its place. Add what you know to this weird wiring take advantage of Unconscious - unchangeable thinking patterns method. (This FBI Truth Test literally takes a few seconds to use once you try it.)

You know that experience teaches you cannot trust anyone completely. Even people you love - change. People at home or work hide a magic mask. Your digital fujifilm camera sees ONE of many faces. Women have the estee lauder face. We all see people hiding behind the sunglasses face. A tanning salon tan conceals so much.

Dating and relationships can mean DEATH. In this age of AIDS. So this very Special E-Book wouldn't have to be HALF so good to be worth buying.

Not one return in over a 7 years. AND we offer an Iron-clad 365 day 100% Munny Back guarantee.

Find Out if You Are Really Safe.

Thanks, Glenn Osborn Rentamentor Network


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