Muffin Recipe Sales System


Here's my 1.2 million dollar muffin story. Exact Step By Step Details on How We Grossed 1.2 million Dollars by Giving Away Muffin Recipes to Prospects.

  • #1 - Fantastic Banana - Raisin - Nut - Muffins
  • #2 - Start Fights w/Raisin-Walnut Wheat Muffins
  • #3 - Mouthwatering Whole Wheat Prune Muffins
  • #4 - Strawberry ice-cube Smash Surprise - Lose wgt eating Strawberry ice-fleck pudding
  • #5 - Taste Bud Tickling - Spiced White Potato Snacks
  • ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


    How Walter Hailey Made Millions with Muffin Recipes

    Just Suppose U Could Make $ Giving Away MUFFIN RECIPES Too?

    Dear friend,

    Thanks for sitting down for a 1-of-a-kind Muffin Story.

    As you can see I've Glued A List of 3 Muffin Recipes, one Snack and one Dessert to the top of this letter.

    Why did I do that?


    The ONE REASON is this - "We Figured out a No-Cost Way to BRIBE People with Muffin Recipes. Turn strangers into friends. So You Can CHAT with them. Find out if they are ready to buy. Then sell them stuff. Or our client's stuff.

    Here's what it's all about -

    We were at a bootcamp in the home of 426 million mentor Walter Hailey. He had room for 50 of us in his living room in Hunt, Texas. Meals were served in a Circus tent in his front yard.

    We imitated the tent idea indoors for a client. But took Joe Sugarman advice - and changed things around a bit.

    Walter Told Us How He Made His 1st Millions

    He stood on a chair in the Baking aisle of Food Stores. Played country songs on a record player. Handed out Muffin and Bread Making Recipes.

    How Could This Work?

    He had MY Attention...

    I really wanted to know.

    It turns out that Walter was selling bread flour Store to Store when he was given a book called "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. Walter liked the Mastermind and go extra mile ideas.

    So he assembled a team. They'd arrive early. Listen to Earl Nightingale records. Then go out and sell. Walter sold flour. So he found a man who sold Hershey pie filling, another who sold Cast iron woks and cookware, a 3rd who sold Crisco, another who sold Barbie aprons. McCormack Herbs and spices. You get the idea.

    Walter Built a Chicken Soup for the Soul Mastermind Team

    After selling their OWN products and items for the Rest of the Mastermind Team all day - they'd go back to the SAME STORE in the evening. Especially weekends.

    TWELVE men standing on chairs in TWELVE STORES. Giving away Muffin Recipes and playing Country tunes on beat up record players - IN THE FOOD Aisle.

    The Result?

    Food Store Owners LINED UP to Buy from Walter and his Group.

    In Each Store The Men Would SELL The Shelves BARE - Then Come Back on Monday to Take an Order for DOUBLE the Amount!

    I was really EXITED by this Muffin Recipe idea. I had decades of experience baking muffins as a kid growing up. I cooked dessert every night. My 2 brothers were a tough crowd to please too.

    But I didn't know how to adapt the idea. I was not selling flour, after all.

    What I WAS doing was Learning how to sell. But I had Zero Experience at it. Jay Abraham had talked about USP - Unique Selling Proposition.

    I was practicing and failing at my USP elevator speech.

    May I Tell You a SECRET, Just Btwn US? I've Never Made a Dime from Any USP Statement I've Tried.

    Here's what happened when I talked USP to total strangers...

    My USP Elevator Speech

    I'd say, "Hi, My name is Glenn. I'm a marketing consultant who offers a 60 minute FREE Phone consult where we guarantee to find at least 2 Times more income inside your business."

    I used to DO THIS a lot. The Results were painful.

    Dead silence.

    Unhappy, awkward dead silence.

    What do we do now - INSTEAD?

    I Smile and say, "What's Your Faaavorite Dessert? DO YOU LIKE MUFFINS?

    Most people smile back and say, "YES, why do you ask?"

    Then I say, "Because I have a couple MUFFIN RECIPES here that I cooked for 2 persnickety brothers growing up. They are fantastic. Which do you LIKE BEST Banana, Raisin or Prune?

    While they are thinking about the SMELL, TASTE and YUMMY texture of home made muffins - I chat away, "What do you do for a living? Are you in sales or own a business?"

    IF they say "Yes" - I ask Hot Button questions. IF they say, "No", I smile and ask, "Who do you know who does own a business that might LOVE to try out a Muffin Recipe Munny Making System?"

    They always laugh. Say, "Really? You're kidding. How does it work?" And THINK Hard about who they can send some Free Muffin Recipes to - in their name.

    Our MUFFIN RECIPE Friend-Making System Works Even Better Online

    Everybody Eats Muffins, potato chips or Strawberries.

    I'm working on a Thread in a Gardening Forum that doesn't allow selling. BUT they do let you write articles. Give away recipes... IN FACT they encourage it!

    My REASON WHY for writing and giving away Muffin Recipes is - I'm working on a Do-it-Yourself Veggie Muffin CookBook.

    A - Everyone who participates in the Veggie Muffin Thread is a prospect for the cookbook.

    B - Since everyone on the forum has a garden. All who email me are prospects for a 2nd product I sell...(But don't Blatantly sell on the forum.) A 14 oz container of VOLCANIC ASH that Grows Plants 50% to 100% BIGGER or I give you 2X Your Money Back.

    Just to Show off The Muffin Magic a bit.

    Here's how this works with clients -

    BEFORE vs AFTER for a Home Security Salesman

    BEFORE - Victor walked up to 50 doors an evening. Said, "Hi, do you have a home security system? I'm doing a Free Test to open up this area. You can get a Free Security System installed."

    Result? Victor might sell ONE per day.

    AFTER - Victor puts muffin recipe Door Hangers ONLY on the houses surrounding his current clients. Then he calls them to TALK MUFFINS!

    During the conversation he finds out whether both parents work. Mentions he heard of some break-ins in the neighborhood. Asks what kind of security alarm they use.

    You ask, "What happened when Victor ran out of houses near current clients?" Easy...

    Victor has multiplied his sales so much that his door to door pitch has changed. When he enters a new development he says, "I'll Pay for a Home Security System AND cover the cost of the monitoring service. IF - you let me refer other home owners to you. And IF you let share an interview I do with you after a month of using the system. After 90 days they pay or he takes it out.

    Why Did We Create The Muffin Recipe FRIEND MAKER?

    Because "Unique Selling Proposition" Selling DOES NOT WORK for us. This is the idea you see all over the place. But it assumes you know how to do the --TRUST/ Rapport/Make a Friend-- aspect of sales.

    Well - I don't.

    Turns out Most people DON'T!

    Making friends. Getting trust. Is not automatic. We need some kind of system to help us make friends.

    None of the books or CD's or DVD's seem to address this Step by Step, either.

    100's of Books on Selling say, "Make friends."

    Do you remember all the books on selling you've read? The ones that make you GRIT YOUR Teeth because they say, "Make friends with people and then they'll buy over and over from you."


    Nowhere do the books tell you how to MAKE FRIENDS & Make Sales!

    This GIANT Black Hole In The Trust/Rapport Sales Process is FRUSTRATING!

    Well, now you can Have Fun Making Friends. Use our idiot-proof Friend creation system.

    Here's how we invented it.

    I admit I was desperate. Trying all kinds of wild ideas.

    How We Sold Over 1.2 Million Dollars of Seminar Seats the 1st Time We Used Muffin Recipe Magic


    You get the exact steps we discovered to making friends with an entire office full of people in another state or country.

    Right here.

    Right now.

    Let me be Clear. My ego is not Huge. I failed a lot. It got beaten right out of me.

    SO - We're not saying this is the only way.

    But This Way is So Goof-Proof We Were Able to Make lots and lots of new Friends. And these friends helped us get to their boss. A Miracle for me - with no sales experience.

    More than that - our Muffin Recipe Thank You Note way of making Friends is a Proven Friend-Making-SYSTEM. IF you can give away or mail or fax or E-mail a one page Muffin Recipe, you can do this. You can sit down and start making friends AND sales in 17.5 minutes or less.

    I made that 17.5 up.

    Probably a lot Quicker than that, actually. IF you send the Magic Muffin System to prospects you already have emails and Phone #'s for.

    Or you go on a Forum you already belong to.

    Or you Twitter - You can send your Twit list to a link where they can get the Muffin Recipe.

    A YouTube application would be showing yourself making or EATING the Muffins - then sharing the recipe.

    Onward - (As Gary Halbert used to say.)

    Here's The REST of my Muffin Money Making Story...

    After showing up at Jay Abraham's Protege Boot Camp, I had two problems....

    #1 - SHOCK - I was in shock from information over-load. Literally 100's of thousands of pages to read. 100's of hours of audio to listen to.

    #2 - IGNORANCE - I didn't know how to learn all of this new information FAST so as to make it pay.

    MY ANSWER was to trade my time for sales skills. I volunteered to call prospects for Jay's next bootcamp event. My plan was to learn to sell by doing sales. Which I'd never done before.

    MY PLAN?

    Make tons of mistakes surrounded by experts who could coach me.


    I did make tons of mistakes. That is true.

    Very painful - time consuming mistakes too.

    But the advice from "sales experts" didn't pan out. None of their ideas worked for me.

    TAKE MY Tele-marketing Sales Mistakes QUIZ.

    CHECK OFF the Mistakes You Recognize or have made yourself.

  • A - I Blindly Began trying to sell a 5000 dollar seminar. I followed instructions and called Tony Robbins customers up on the phone. But most of them did NOT rush to the phone at the mention of his name.
  • B - I tried offering them 500.00 of F-r-e-e Jay Abraham material. But they didn't know Jay. Didn't want any free stuff from a stranger.
  • C - Often I was stopped by a gatekeeping receptionist, secretary, executive assistant. It was frustrating. How do you sell something if you can't talk to the Decision maker prospect?
  • D - Thank You Notes. Bill Myers and other Gurus used them. So I kept hearing about Thank you notes as a way to Open Doors. Get past the gatekeepers. (SCREAM!!!!) What did I have to Thank a strange woman receptionist over the phone for? We'd just met for 60 seconds!
  • E - So I started writing and faxing A Thank You Note to each person I spoke to. It didn't seem to help any.
  • F - Then an Insurance Sales manager stood up at a bootcamp. Told how he Used a Thank you Note System to boost sales in three states by TEN TIMES in one year.
  • G - So I tried it his way. I called a receptionist. Name dropped Tony's name. Explained that Tony (not Jay) had 500.00 of F-r-e-e stuff he wanted to send their boss. Then sent the receptionist a Thank You note. NO GO.
  • H - That didn't work either. I made the gatekeepers mad calling back again and again to catch their boss. (I didn't know Dan Kennedy's Take Away yet.)
  • I - So I tried Faxing a page of Exciting Bullet Point Headlines 1st. Then calling up. Most gatekeepers threw the page away. One out of 50 business owners called me back.
  • J - Then I read a Halbert Newsletter about BRIBES. Claude Hopkins called his technique REWARDS. But I couldn't Afford to send a 1.00 Bill Letter to a bunch of total strangers. What did I have I could use as a BRIBE?
  • K - (I remembered Walter's Muffin idea.) I had valuable Recipes. As the oldest in my family it was my job to make dessert. Mom cooked dinner. I made all kinds of Muffins for 5 people nightly year after year.
  • L - Muffin Recipes as BRIBES. What a concept. I didn't ask permission. I didn't tell anyone my idea. I just started sending out Muffin Recipes and Thank you notes.
  • M - And Instantly I was Talking to 9 of 10 Business owners Whose offices I called!

    As Promised I'm going to SHARE the Magic Right here.

    The Step By Step Directions to what we did. Heck we still use this system today. I get to the BOSS almost every single time.

    Step By Step Directions for Turning Gate Keepers into Friends So They HAND The Phone to Their Boss When You Call.

    Step I -Empathy - Stand In The Shoes of the GateKeepers. They Don't care what you want. But they all EAT. They are bored. And they Never Get Thanked! NEVER.

    Step II -You call and chat with the receptionist-secretary. Her boss is busy. You ask her permission to send her a Thank you note and a Muffin Recipe for her time.

    Step III -Without asking for it. You now have her fax # or email address or both. You send her a Thank you note for being so nice and helpful. And a Muffin Recipe.

    Step IV -EMPATHY - You shift your mind-set and attitude to HER. You call back to Make sure she got your Thank you note and Muffin Recipe.

    Step V -You say, "Oh, by the way. I put a Note to Your Boss - Telling him what a good job you do on top of a page of Extra Money Making ideas. Could you please put that on top of the bosses IN BOX?

    Step VI -I shock the receptionist/secretary - in a good way! INSTANT BUDDIES. When she reads my note to her boss she discovers I've given him 2 or 3 Reasons Why she deserves a PAY RAISE.

    Step VII -If I don't hear back from her Boss in 24 hrs. I send her a 2nd Thank you note. A 2nd Muffin Recipe and a 2nd Note to the boss with a Proven idea for his business. ON TOP is a paragraph about why his Receptionist deserves Extra Vacation with pay!

    Did You Spot the Thank You Note BLACKMAIL?

    You say, "WHAT!"

    I don't see no blackmail going on here.

    Well, put on your glasses and Step Back. Because it's in there!

    Put Your Empathy Glasses on.

    NOW what do you see?

    Empathy Point #1 - I've called literally 1000's of receptionists and secretaries. Less than 1 in a 1000 have EVER gotten an Emotional, Heart-felt, Sincere Thank you Note or a Reward of ANY KIND from their boss.

    Empathy Point #2 - NOBODY ELSE in or out of the company is Thanking or Rewarding this receptionist for her work. (She has the POWER to put you in touch with her boss.)

    Empathy Point #3 - Based on 1000's of chats and tearful conversations - WE KNOW - that the receptionist has SHARED all the Thank you notes and Muffin Recipes with her boss and others in the office. Especially your note about her Raise in pay and extra vacation!

    "GADZOOKS" the boss is thinking. What else will this wild man send next? I'll have a riot on my hands soon. I better talk to him QUICK!

    Perhaps you are wondering what You Will Need to Make Friends and Turn a Stressful Sales call into FUN with a tiny bit of invisible Blackmail?

    Here are the Parts of the system...

    PART I - How to Make friends (& Get to the BOSS) by Phone & E-mail. Exactly How We Sell By Invisibly BULL-DOZING a Path To the Decision-Maker with Thank U Notes and Muffin Recipes.

    PART II - How to MAKE FRIENDS in any Forum or Discussion Group. Friends turn into leads. Leads turn into buyers.



    Your No-Risk - 365 Day DOUBLE Your Munny Back Guarantee and Order Form...

    You will Be Amazed at how nice people become when you THANK THEM and Give Them fun, interactive Muffin Rewards. Not Gifts. Instead of Selling Stuff - right off the bat. All we ask you to do before you ask for a Refund is - send us the names and #'s of 2 or 3 people You sent Thank You Muffin Recipes to. (You can test this to 3 people in 24 hrs and you have 365 Days to plaay with the Muffin System.) If these people DISLIKE you more than before You sent them Thank You Muffin Recipes, we'll gladly give you a 2X refund.

    Boy oh boy is this a WIN-WIN - No Risk Deal for you.





    A - Why Women CRY and Get Emotional When you give them a VIP Thank you Note.

    B - Why So Many Women Call You Back OR Excitedly Report how they LOVED the recipe you sent them.

    C - How ONE MAN (Sales manager for 3 states) Sold 300 million dollars MORE insurance in ONE YEAR with Nothing But Thank You Notes... 10 TIMES more than the previous year.

    D - ACTION SUMMARY - How We've Borrowed Ideas From The Insurance Sales Sales Manager Genius For Our Thank You Muffin FRIENDSHIP System.


    CHAPTER #1 - Step By Step Directions on How to Reach Almost ANY business owner, CEO or Manager.

    A - Exactly what you say when you call prospects to Turn a Cold Call HOT.

    B - Back Up Plan that works 100% of the time! What you say if she is a tough nut. Refuses your Thank You note and Muffin Recipe. This is rare. But it does happen in Fortune 1000 Companies especially.

    C - A Thank You Note Template. You just plug the receptionist or the secretary or the Executive Assistant's name in at the top.

    D - The First Muffin Recipe to send and why.


    CHAPTER #2 -Step By Step DIRECTIONS -

    Even though this is very simple. It's different than what you do now. So let's walk you thru the steps. And the reasons Why they are important.

    STEP I - You call up and get the company contact information. Correct spelling of her name. The boss' name. Executive assistant.

    STEP II - You send the Thank you note. The Muffin Bribe.

    STEP III - You are SINCERELY worried. You ARE Worried, right? You want to track the arrival of your Thank You Note, Muffin Recipe - right into her brain and thru her eyeballs. So you call and Double Check.

    STEP IV - You can go fast or slow. Depending on how your phone call went. You may wish to send a 2nd Muffin Recipe AFTER you call to double check. 100% SAFE is not to do any selling at all on the 1st call or two. Include the Page of Money Making ideas - you said you would send - Next.

    STEP V - You Call to Triple Check. You put a SMILE in your voice when you ask, "Don't You Agree You Are Important to the company? Deserve a Pay Raise?

    STEP VI - You then send her the SNACK Recipe. And call to Double Check on that. But ALSO to ASK her Opinion! (Nobody does that. Major compliment.)

    STEP VI - You visit her personal Twitter or FaceBook page. You go to the company website where she works too. You Gather information to Customize a follow-up Munny Making Idea Page.

    STEP VII - IMPORTANT - Be Alert. Put on your Poker face and voice. EXPECT Unexpected Things to happen. What you are doing Taps into Major EMOTIONS. Women cry in your ear. They say Thank you bunches of times. You are asked to listen to Poems they've written. They ask for recipe tips. Tell you how it tasted. (That's right! 50% or more will MAKE MUFFINS!)


    CHAPTER #3 -Here Are The 5 Mega-Recipes We Use...

    #1 - Fantastic Banana - Raisin - Nut - Muffins

    #2 - Start Fights w/Raisin-Walnut Wheat Muffins

    #3 - Mouthwatering Whole Wheat Prune Muffins

    #4 - Strawberry ice-cube Smash Surprise - Lose wgt eating Strawberry ice-fleck pudding

    #5 - Taste Bud Tickling - Spiced White Potato Snacks


    CHAPTER #4 -The Three Thank you Note Templates for The Receptionist/ secretary/executive assistant

    #1 - Thank You For Helping Me

    #2 - Thank You for Making Me Feel Special

    #3 - Thank You REASON WHY You Are So Important to Your Boss.


    CHAPTER #5 -The Two Mega Thank you note Paragraphs with the two Reasons Why Their Receptionist/Executive Secretary Deserves a Pay Raise.

    #1 - THANK YOU NOTE - The Reason Why You deserve a RAISE.

    #2 - THANK YOU NOTE - The Reason Why I'm Sending You Thank You Notes and Muffin Recipes is Because YOU - the Receptionist are the Most Powerful Person in Your Office. And We Show Her The Proof.


    CHAPTER #6 -PROOF This Concept Will Get You to ANY Decision-maker!

    A - How We Helped a Client THANK YOU NOTE his way to Steve Jobs.

    B - We got Steve's Executive Assistant's ph # and Email.

    C - We Created a "Thank-You-Steve" Website.

    D - We sent an E-mail to the Executive Assistant we'd Been Sending small personal Thank You Notes and Muffin Recipes to.

    RESULT? 24 hrs later the Executive Assistant called my client and said, "Steve would like to talk to you."

    WHAT WE DID NEXT that got the Exec Asst. to call back 24 hrs after the 1st call and say, "I'll lose my job if you don't call Steve at home right now. Here's his #."


    CHAPTER #7 - YOU Watch Over Our Shoulder As We Use Our Thank You Note System to Reach a Decision Maker and make a sale.

    Step I - We sent Mark an E-mail that said, "EXTRA S ales for Mark-Glenn"

    Step II - Inside We Outlined a Workshop Idea that Jumped Back of room sales by 32% for a client.

    Step III - We asked Mark - Where to Send the 6 Page of Muffin Recipe Report - so he could test the Proven Idea Himself in his own Speeches.

    Step IV - YOU Get a Copy of the Entire Email we sent Mark.

    ACTION SUMMARY- Our Goal? We haven't spoken to Mark in Two Years. So We're Using a Muffin Recipe BRIBE as a way to Reach Out to him - in spite of his trips back and forth from the USA to Europe.


    CHAPTER #8 -How to Use MUFFIN RECIPES to Make Friends in Forums - from Your computer AT HOME.

    How to Make Friends QUICKLY On-line - CASE STUDY -

    A - You get the Exact Thank You Muffin Post #1 we used

    B - You Get My Exact Thank You Muffin Reward Post #2 -

    C - You Get My Exact Thank You Muffin Reward Post #3 -

    D - ACTION SUMMARY - You'll find out what happened!


    Thank You,


    P.S. - Here are some More ideas on how to Use Muffin Recipes and Thank you notes.

    At a Network marketing event I saw Brian Tracy speak. He had handouts. An outline of what we would learn. Then he shared a story from a NEW CD program. And asked permission to tell us what ELSE was in it. (The crowd said yes.)

    Thank you notes and muffin recipes GET PERMISSION. Create trust.

    Making money on or off-line isn't as easy as it looks. The experts make it seem easy. Dan Kennedy commented on why a mentor of his wore a T-shirt at his bootcamps that said, "Clients Suck". This had the effect of prospects throwing moolah at him..

    WE happen to know that guru's like Yanik Silver outsource everything but the actual product creation. A friend of mine did all the editing of one of his books for free. In return he swapped her some favors.

    I had an odd experience during THE SECRET hoopla. I was asked to speak to a large group of 2K Bob Proctor customers. Each had bought a website and biz opportunity that used Mastermind Networking to sell people thru their site. When I spoke about how to make money with the Mastermind Principle - they didn't get it. Bob's system did the work for them. Odd experience.

    Motivational speaker/coach Jim Rohn has an excellent point about goals and plans. If you work to systematically improve your plans and goals, your life improves. Our Thank you Muffin System is like that. Your life will improve. Your income too.

    While chatting with Tony Robbins number one salesman - I learned how Tony started to get paid for speaking. He spoke for free for almost a year. Then one day he was asked to speak at two events at the same time. ONE offered to pay him. Anthony Robbins put Give to get - The Golden Rule principle of Reciprocity to work for him. SAME thing happens to you when you give out Thank you notes and Muffin Recipes.

    An insurance agent friend always has time to help out. I asked him one day, "How is it you have so much free time? Don't you sell?" HE said he'd read some Robert Collier books. Hit on the idea of finding ways to HELP his current clients. They do all his selling FOR him. You can start helping people around you. Thank them and Reward them with Muffin Recipes.

    While chatting with Jack Canfield in a mad house of 7000 people. I got flown in as a super connector to help lead teams during the event. He told me he wasn't paid a fee. But given the list of attendees and endorsed by the event organizer. Better than a fee.

    Jack and his partner Mark Victor Hanson have assembled a team to create Information to GIVE AWAY to their customer list. Which is why the list SPENDS so much money. What do YOU give away to your list? Thank you notes and Muffins recipe Systems - a good start.

    Jerry Buchanon told me a story about Zig Zigler. It seems where ever Zig travels he's formed the habit of - smiling at people - clerks, waitresses, janitors. Asking for and using their names. Listening and paying attention to them. As a Result - Jerry said that Zig usually gets served 1st, doesn't wait to check out, avoids lines, Get more and better food than the rest.

    What Are YOU doing to smooth your way thru the world? Walter Hailey says it like this, "The world is like a pitch black movie theater. Those you have not treated like royalty stick their feet out into the aisle to trip you."

    Our Thank you Muffin Reward System wouldn't have to be HALF as good to be worth bidding on. You can avoid a lot of broken bones and bruises when you USE our System. We do.