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How I Discovered *Effortless/ANTI-GRAVITY Pushups

Dear -Fellow-PushUp-Hating- Friend,

A few years Ago I found myself wondering the Halls of a Las Vegas Hotel at 11:30Pm at night. I was looking for my room mate.

Lost my Plastic Door Key.

We agreed to split a room with 2 beds and split the bill too.


A Skinny guy in a Blue Suit came up to me and Said,

"Would You Like to Meet GrandMaster Kim?"

GrandMaster Kim was one of the Event Speakers.

The Only Female 5th Degree Black Belt.

And I had just watched her Teach Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul) and an old lady in a wheel chair to BREAK BOARDS with their Bare Hands.

Mr Blue Suit Had Assembled 30 People in the lobby. So he added me to the Group. Then he Made a Phone Call.

GrandMaster Kim Suddenly Appeared Like Magic. Like Mae West She Wore Tall Heels because she is a petite woman of 5 feet tall. With the Blackest, most Penetrating eyes I have ever seen.

She Glanced at all of us Commandingly. Making it clear she could throw any one of us across the room like A Frisbe.

Then Mr Blue Suit Held Open a 3-Ring Binder Packed full of NEWSPAPER articles.

And GrandMaster Kim told us about the Hundreds of people she had healed with Chi Energy.

GrandMaster Kim Explained that Karate, and Board Breaking and Healing takes a Great Deal of Energy. And she has found a combination of Vitamins that help her Stay Healthy and Energized.

Mr Blue Suit passed around Sign Up forms. And Lots of folks Bought Vitamins.

I decided She Probably Would NOT attack me if I didn't buy - so I Declined.

Turns out Mr Blue Suit is a Retired IBM Salesman. He follows GrandMaster Kim around from event to event where she speaks. And Assembles "Unofficial Groups" in halls and empty rooms.

GrandMaster Kim Shows up and closes dozens of Sales. And they Both Make an Extra STREAM of Income from the MLM.

Another Guy Who Didn\'t Buy -I Learned- Was a World Famous Surgeon.

His Korean Sensai Teaches Energy Exercises SO FANTASTIC they have been passed down over Thousands of years.

And Mr DOCTOR Taught Me One of his Favorite Exercises to Boost Energy and Absorb it into your body so you get Stronger and Stronger.

While Practicing the SPINNING Part I got so dizzy I had to sit on the floor.

And Impulsively.

Rolled over and Tried a Few Pushups.


I felt like someone was Pulling ME UPWARD by the back of my leather Belt!

so There You Have it.

The STORY of How I Invented or Discovered "The ANTI-GRAVITY PUSHUP."

What\'s that you say?

You Don't BELIEVE me?


Try This and Then Imagine you Hear me Yell in Your Ear, "TOLD YOU SO."



Directions on How to Do ANTI-GRAVITY PUSHUPS.

STEP #1 - Find an Empty Spot you can Spin in

STEP #2 - Plan on Getting Dizzy so it's best if you have a wall or a chair and some soft carpet on the floor. Or Maybe outside on the grass.

STEP #3 - SPIN as fast as you can on your feet - Like an Ice Skater. Left to Right Only... Clock-wise.

10 or 20 Repetitions or until you FEEL Really Dizzy.

STEP #4 - Then Drop to the Ground - GENTLY - and do some Pushups.

(EDITORS NOTE - If You Don't Do Pushups Regularly. We Suggest you do Half Pushups. Hands and knees.)

IF You Can Already do 10 or 20 Full Pushups - balancing on Your Hands and feet Pushups. Then drop to the ground - GENTLY - and do a few Full Pushups.



Very Cool.

Told You so!


Glenn Osborn

World-Famous Inventor of The ANTI-GRAVITY Pushup.