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How To Make Quick Emergency Cash for Your Church Or Local Charity

Dear Friend,

FIRST a strong Suggestion NOT to Do what all the others do.

You\'ve seen the guys and gals on the Street Corner at busy Intersections carrying plastic buckets.

Begging for money for their church or Charity.

Actually Competing for the "good spots" with REAL Beggars.

This Practice is NOT Productive.


Drivers see people with signs that say, "Will Work for Food" ever single day on their way to and from work.

Same old - Same Old.

So Boring they tune it out.

Second - WHAT do we mean by "Good Spots".

The "Good Spots" are at Busy Intersections and Red-Lights - where 1000's of cars go by on their way to work. Or shopping on a weekend.

Other good spots are on the median Strip At Red Lights - where drivers EXIT streets where they live and merge onto Feeder Roads on the way to The Highway or Beltway.

THIRD - What Might You Do Instead?

Especially if you are ONE PERSON who wants to Raise More than 4 people working together at a busy red-light - intersection.

One of our Entrepreneurial Clients did a Test that will INTEREST You!

Bob put on some old duds.

Went to His Local Wal-Mart and But some cheap ink pens. The ones that come in packs of 10 or 15 for a couple bucks.

Got a Big Piece of CardBoard or Bought one about 3 feet by 2 feet.

Used a Big Black Magic Marker to Write the following...

"2 Pens For 1.00"

Then Bob Went out to the cement median strip at a Red Light for a few hours during Drive to Work Time.

Held up his sign and did a Brisk Ink Pen Business.

QUESTION for you...

HOW DID Bob Make Literally 100's of Dollars in only 2 Hours if he was only Charging 1 buck for 2 pens?

ANSWER: Bob told me lots of Drivers Handed him 20 bucks. Said, "Keep the Change." Or "Keep the Pens. Good luck to you buddy."

Why Are People Throwing 20 dollar bills at Bob?

He thinks that After Watching so many Beggars for years and years - Folks are Happy To See Someone with some American Entrepreneurial SPIRIT - Actually Earning their money.



So If You Need Some FAST Emergency Cash to Help your Local Fire Department, Shelter, Church, Charity...

TRY This idea out in Your City or Town.

And Let me know how it goes.



Glenn Osborn


Millionaire Mastermind Marketing Association