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7 Figure Referral System

Thanks Greg,

I Got Referred to the #2 Producer at an Insurance Company. Who worked 9 to 5. No Weekends. Spent all his time with his family.

Here is what he does that I have Adapted and Applied on Behalf of Clients in several other Industries. Because the SELF REFERRAL SYSTEM is so darn powerful.

We Gave him Some Proven Ideas from other Top Insurance Agents.

So he Agreed to an Interview.


Step I - You Pick an Industry Niche of Biz Owners You Want to Sell to. Let's say you want to sell to Plumbers.

Step II - You Visit a Successful Plumber and borrow a Copy of the #1 Plumbers Trade Association ?Magazine. And Call them up.

Step III - Trade Associations Have NO PAID WRITERS. So you tell them you'd like to Write an

Article About "3 Specific Ways Insurance Can Win A Plumber Extra Business." And Link it to an

Ad You Run in the same Magazine Issue. (You Say, "Please send or tell me where to find your RATE SHEET of Ad Prices and Sizes." A Small, cheap ad GUARANTEES they run your article.)

Step IV - The Assistant To the Editor Gets EXCITED. Makes Suggestions. Tells you How Long and how many words and The Date The Article is due. AND YOU CASUALLY ask, "May I Have the Reprint Writes to my Article?" ("Yeah, sure.)

STEP V - This Multi-Millionaire Insurance Agent - Makes 1000 Copies of his Trade Magazine Article. (Which Credentials him as THE INSURANCE GURU for Plumbers.) to a Local and then a NATIONAL Plumbers Trade Association Meeting.

a - Clips Candy Bars to Each Article he hands out himself. (Gets a copy to everyone in his Hotel.)

b - Hands them out in a Convention Hall Where HE is the ONLY Insurance Agent - Surrounded

by literally 1000's of Plumbers.

c - Accepts Biz Cards, Takes down names of Plumbers wanting to Make an Appt.

STEP VI - Goes Home, Takes Phone Calls and Writes Literally MILLIONS of Dollars of Insurance in the next Couple Weeks.

Then Picks a different Industry and does it over again the next month.


Glenn Osborn

P.S. - WE Often Suggest doing this with Clients who Just Started a biz. Have no Credentials yet. OR for Other Business Owners Who Want to Enter a New Market.

P.P.S. - You Can Make Money with this Yourself. Because YOU Are Referring Prospects to Yourself. You are in CONTROL. Plus this is quicker and Better than writing a book. Better Credentialling. Better Targeted Marketing.

You Can Get Endorsed by the #1 Trade Magazine in any Industry you want to sell to.

P.P.P.S. - You can Email or Snail Mail your Trade Magazine Article to Prospects. Send it then call total Strangers. Put it up on your Website to CREDENTIAL you to all visitors.

This is a 1 or 2 page REFERRAL SYSTEM which boosts your Sales for Years and years.

And Since there are more than 400,000 Trade Associations in the USA. No matter what your business or WHO you want to sell to. You Can Adapt the idea for yourself.

Great Emergency CASH Method too - cuz it is so cheap.