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"Pizza Box Plus Phone Call Gets Appt with 8 of 10 CEOs"

I worked with millionaire Sales Genius, Donna Blue, (Alabama) for a while.

Here is how she PRE-HEATS the CEO's of B*illion d*ollar Companies so when she PHONES she gets put Straight thru to the CEO.

FIRST - She Calls their PR Dept - and Asks for a Copy of the CEO's PRESS KIT. And makes sure it contains a Good Head and Shoulders PIC.

SECOND - She calls her local PIZZA STORE. Finds out where they buy their BLANK Pizza Boxes from.

THIRD - Donna Finds a Printer who can Put A Color Photo of the CEO on the front of the PIZZA Box.

FOURTH - Donna Visits a Biz That Specializes in PROMOTIONAL ITEMS. Gets them to put the CEO's Face on pencils, pens, letterHead, stationery, Mini Calculator, Giant kids Erasers.

FIFTH - Donna Fills The Pizza Box with all of that STUFF with The CEO's Face on it.

SIX - IF She Is Selling to CEO's And She Is In THAT CITY. Donna Calls to Make Sure the CEO is in his office that day. (Gets His Exec Assistant on her side by telling her THE PIZZA BOX is coming.

SEVEN - AND SHE Rents a Delivery Outfit. Delivers all 6 Pizza Boxes Herself. THEN calls the CEO's office from her Car OUTSIDE. And Monitors the Progress of her PIZZA box - via her new Insider Friend -- The Executive Assistant - who is VERY AMUSED and ENTERTAINED by this Pizza Box tactic.

EIGHT - Donna Quickly Gets The CEO on the phone. AND Gets an Appointment - Right Away.

BASICALLY - Donna Is Selling each CEO their own EGO.


Glenn Osborn

Millionaire Mastermind Marketing Association

P.S. - Donna says there is an Unexpected DOWN SIDE to her Pizza Box Strategy. Almost Every CEO she talks to WANTS to Hire her to do Pizza Boxes for THEIR Sales Department. Who have a Terrible time getting in to see the CEO.