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Proven Ideas from 4 Affluent Print Shop Owners,

#1 - Woman Print Shop owner offered F-r-e-e Printing to the owner of her local Chamber of Commerce And became Very successful - cuz she got Endorsed to all their members.

#2 - 4 Color Printer who does work for small Jiffy Print Stores who don't have his Expensive Equipment. Called his Paper Supplier who he spent 93,000 a month with and Said, "How would You Like me to PAY You Even More Munny?

"YES" was the answer.

Jerry Shared that his top 3 Best Prospects were Malls, Banks, Airports. And The Paper Plant manager was selling Paper to ALL 3 of these - and happily Referred him New 6 Figure per yr Accounts. ?

#3 - Jiffy Print Store Owner - Did Joint Venture with local Pizza Store Owner. The Pizza Store put the Jiffy Print FLYER on top of all Pizza's going out. In Return for F-r-e-e Printing for his Pizza Store.


800% More Print Shop Business!

#4 - Multi-Millionaire Print Shop Owner Rents the names of all the Booth Renters at the Previous Years City Convention Center.

Calls all of Last Years booth Renters to Find Out WHO is renting THIS YEAR. OFFERS Them Emergency Printing Services.

CHA - Ching!


Glenn Osborn

Millionaire Mastermind Marketing Assn