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"Phone Appointment with Pool Supply Company Owner PRE-HEATED by a Dozen LED Flashing Glasses"


Since I don't Market to CEO's I adapted Donna's PIZZA BOX STRATEGY to Pre-Heat my phone calls to Small Business Owners.

I Don't Enjoy The STRESS that a COLD CALL Causes me or the prospect. So I PRE-HEAT all my calls to Turn them into WARM - FRIENDLY Phone Calls.

Here's One of my Proven Methods...


SELF - "Would you Pay 8 Bucks to Get an Appointment with a small business owner in 48 to 36 hours?"

IF Your Answer is "YES" - Read on.

I Really LOVED The ***Pizza-PIZZAZZ Factor*** that Donna Uses to Grab CEO Attention.

So I started Testing OUTRAGEOUS items I found on Amazon.com .

One of my WINNERS is a Pair of Flashing LED Glasses. You can get a Dozen for 8 Bucks.

How do I know it's a "Winner?"

While wearing a pair in a Restaurant. And Tipping my Waitress with a 2nd pair I had a little girl RUSH in from outside and ASK, "Where Can I Buy a Pair of those Glasses?"



Below is the link - IF It Quits - Just go to Amazon.com and search for "Flashing LED Glasses" https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01KTJZV64/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1


ACTION STEPS to A Phone Appointment -

#1 - We Got The Biz Owners Name and Address. And called his Receptionist to Double Check.

#2 - We Used our Amazon PRIME MEMBERSHIP to get F-r-e-e 2 Day Shipping down to Texas.

#3 - We Googled The Pool Supply Address. Discovered his store is in the 2nd most Affluent County in Texas. Plus some other Details to name drop.

#4 - We Bought a Dozen LED Flashing Glasses for Tom Brown - the Owner. Amazon ALERTS you to Exactly when THANK YOU REWARDS arrive - which is handy. I know when to call and Check.

#5 - We Called Becky - Biz Owner Receptionist - to WARN her a dozen LED Flashing Glasses were on the way. And to get Her Email Address so I could Send DIRECTIONS On How to Use a Dozen FLASHING GLASSES. She gave me her Email address.

#6 - Then I Emailed Becky/Tom a THANK YOU NOTE.

A - "Thank You Tom For owning a Pool Supply Store SO CLOSE to the County Court-House that you can WALK OVER and Get the List of Home Owners who just Bought a License to BUILD a Pool.

B - "I Called over there and the List is 25 cents a page.

C - "To INTRODUCE Myself I sent you a Case Of LED Flashing Glasses.

D - "WHEN We Talk on the phone - I'll Share Some of The Ways WE Use them to Thank Reward and Close new Clients at Lunch.

E - "But The ONLY Warning or DIRECTIONS You Need - Right Away - is This...

"Do Not Wear These Flashing LED Glasses outside at night when you WALK AROUND. I stepped outside a Restaurant while wearing a Pair and Ran SMACK DAB into a Support Post outside.


"Glenn Osborn

"Millionaire Mastermind Marketing Assn

"P.S. - Expect a Phone Call from me - to DOUBLE CHECK your Glasses Arrived OK. And you and Your Team are Having FUN with them.

***RESULTS? Becky put me thru to Tom-the-owner The NEXT time I called to Double Check they got their LED Glasses Successfully. And we have been In Business ever since.