Read This Before You Pay Another Ad Agency

How To Get A World-Class Small Business
Marketing Expert To Help You Sell
Your Product Or Service.
...And It Won't Cost You A Penny.

He has sold over 27 million dollars of merchandise and services by mail, E-mail, retail and Websites.

He Generates The Kind of Profits
Most of Us Can Only Dream About.

Dear Friend,

Let me tell you the true story about a man who can possibly make you a million dollars.  It starts with a seminar company.  Glenn met a mentor who had sold 5 million dollars of seminar seats.  Glenn sold 1.2 million dollars worth.

Then Glenn met another mentor.  Judy Kendall, the woman behind the 45 million dollar success of Fuzzbuster and Fox radar detector companies.  Judy had just bought a huge new home and come out of retirement.  Glenn and Judy teamed up as marketing consultants.

**Judy wrote a letter that sold $51,000 of hydraulic farm equipment.
*Glenn wrote a postcard that made $102,000 in 10 days for a condo rental co.
**Judy wrote a postcard for a survival supply warehouse that grossed $200,000.
*Glenn found an Aussie real estate Ad & wrote a headline - Judy adapted the template to sell her house & her yacht in 7 days.  More than 500 calls came in.
**Judy adapted an ad Glenn found for a catering client: 800% more business!
*Glenn used two ads to sell more than $7.2 million dollars of homes & yachts.

**Their first joint consulting client was a custodial company.  In 90 days Glenn wrote Reports that added $137,000 in new business.  8 clients on hold until they could hire employees.  And a new company that licensed the new system.

**Glenn and Judy helped a chiropractor add $50,000 to his income in 30 days.

**A real estate note broker grossed an extra $73,000 in 90 days.  Then Glenn adapted the 100 million dollar and very famous Dollar Bill Letter.  It pulled more than 112% response to 800 Realtors.  Business increased more than 10 times.

**Glenn & Judy helped a Living Trust Attorney radically raise sales.  Broken appointments fell from 27% to 12% after Glenn wrote a business card so good it convinced know-it-all neighbor-retirees to come in to have their Trusts redone.  A big change from talking prospects OUT of their appointments.

**Over a 5 month period they made a deal for a Nursing Home Consultant with a division of a Texas Nursing Home conglomerate.  And landed as a client the top manager of the largest Nursing Home management company in the USA.

Judy retired again.

**Glenn wrote an ad that doubled Lester Nathan's consulting income.
**Glenn helped Jerry Burson sell 6 houses in a few weeks in Kentucky.
**Glenn helped write 12 ads for Ind. Pharmacist Allen Bunn that 500% to 900% more than ad cost every single time they run in the paper.
**Glenn sold 23 $5000 seminar seats in 3 days for Walter Hailey.
**Glenn sold 12 seminar seats in 24 hours for Ken Adams.
**Glenn lifted a Cell Tech distributor to $7000 a month in sales.
** Glenn got a Pre-Paid-Legal saleswoman to $4300 a month (She quit)
**Glenn helped Linda Reid put 500 (instead of 30) retirees into her bank seminars with a flyer describing the food.  Linda switched jobs.  Glenn helped Linda sell a few 100,000 dollars of off shore seminars.  Linda Switched.  Glenn helped Linda do a big money raising project for Make-A Wish.  Linda switched to telemarketing.  Glenn doubled her sales by changing one sentence in the script.  Linda met a billionaire.  Glenn helped credential Linda by finding an AIG agent who could insure 2 billion of gold bullion for a big deal.
**Then there is me...Ed Forteau.  Glenn showed me how to make $12,000 cash with 7 phone calls.  Then helped me write ads that helped make me $50,000 a month in real estate.  Then Glenn helped me move up-market to $250,000 homes.  Introduced me to the President of the Minneapolis Real Estate Council.  Just before I began coaching other Realtors Glenn gave me an idea that allows me to sell millions of dollars of real estate with $35 clarified ads.  My 1st $35 ad sold $500,000.
**Glenn wrote a short E-mail letter that got 3 millionaire Mortgage Company owners to contact ME.  I'd been trying for weeks to get their attention.

Then Glenn met mentors like Gaylord Briley who has raised 3 billion dollars for charity and non-profits. Glenn met billionaire Paul Meyer, owner of SMI and 33 other companies.  Glenn met Walter Hailey who has built and sold 3 companies and kept 200 million dollars for himself.  Walter is doing business with Paul Meyer and a few dozen billionaires.  Walter has created a referral system that has sold a billion dollars of insurance.  Walter's NEER (naturally existing economic Relationship) selling system is so powerful that Walter attracts super affluent people like a magnet.

Impossible problems don't look so tough.  These mentors advise you thru Glenn.

Mentors like this make Glenn's Mastermind Network incredibly effective.  Quantum sales explosions often happen for small business entrepreneurs in the USA, Canada, Korea, the United Kingdom and Australia.

Meet The Man Who Makes It Happen

His name is Glenn Osborn.  As you'll discover in a moment, he's the person that just might be able to help you to explode (or set up planned new growth) with your company sales.

He Is Versatile

While selling 1.2 million of seminars Glenn raised $420,000 for a limited partnership.  He did this on the side while consulting with other clients and writing a monthly Millionaire Mastermind Marketing Association Newsletter.

Glenn helped a Pharmacy client successfully fight off a lawsuit from CVS.  Glenn's mentors said, "Embarrassment is the only thing that works in a David vs Goliath fight."  So Glenn and his client got the local neighborhood to boycott CVS and forced them to settle.

Glenn helped an endodontist whose profits were way down.  Within 90 days every room was full, there were lines at the door, the phone rang off the hook.  Glenn was asked to "please stop."  The extra referrals were two times more profitable too. $1000 cash instead of $450 HMO.

Glenn helped a Silicon Valley Home Inspection Company owner increase Realtor referrals by 500%.  The increase happened in 24 hours.  So much work came in that the owner called his biggest competitors and asked for help.

For a couple years now Glenn has been selling on Ebay, writing newsletters, E-zines and doing some public speaking.  He helps me out in my new coaching business.  And coaches people in 9-5 jobs on how to get promotions, raises or better jobs.  Like the NYC computer researcher Glenn helped who got promoted 4 times.  Or the electrical engineer Glenn helped behind the scenes to negotiate a $50,000 raise. $150,000 total.  50K a year extra for 3 years running.

Here's The Amazing Part Of The Story
And How You Can Profit From It

Glenn is looking for clients again.  That's right.  He is quitting his care free - bread making, garden tending, fruit tree trimming - semi-retired existence for two reasons.

Reason #1 - Glenn has his eye on a piece of property with a great view right next to his farm.  

Reason #2 - Glenn's Dad is a farm-yard terror.  He replaced the roof, bought three new storage sheds, drilled 3 new wells & hired a bull dozer for a week to "smooth out a few things."  He also goes a little bonkers whenever he sees a new tractor.  He has 3 Kabota tractors and a Ford.  He just bought a bigger one.  How big is it?  He can pull fruit trees out by the roots!  That's BIG.

Dad Falls In Love With Pre-Assembled House

Glenn's 80 year old Dad likes to buy and sell homes.  He has that gleam in his eye again.  He's talking about putting a new house on some property he just bull dozed smooth.  Glenn figures he'd better fill up the bank account.

Glenn Can Make You Bushels Of Money

Think about it.  How many folks do you know who can make you millions of dollars in a few months?  Find you a quick million with an idea.  Create a six figure profit with just the cost of a E-mail/website or a postcard mailing?

Amazing isn't it?  Just imagine the impact he could have on your company's sales and profits.

Which One Are You?

As I analyze it there are three situations where he can make a difference for you.

Situation #1 - If you have just bought a company or started a company, he can create a low cost - high profit plan to help you implement it.

Situation #2 - If you already own a company, he can so finely tune your marketing that you will catapult past your competitors with the force of a just released - tightly coiled spring.

Or he may create an alternate sales plan - an idea so simple that you hadn't seen it - easily tested in the mail/E-mail or to current customers.

Wouldn't it be something to find out that you can make 20%, or 30%, or 50% more profit without changing anything about your business except a sales letter or an ad?

Now you can find out, as I'll explain in a minute.  You can find out in a Risk-Free manner.

Situation #3 - If you're an established company, Glenn Osborn is willing to make you a No-Risk proposition. You only pay him if he makes you a profit.

He has three ways you can work with him.

#1 - A Standard Per Project Fee Basis.

#2 - A Risk Free Contingency Basis, if you qualify. (He likes #2

#3 - Or By The Hour.

How To Get Him To Work For You

Simple.  First call him.

Here's what he'll do: he'll talk with you for a while on the phone and ask you to send him some history and information about your company.  After he's reviewed it, he'll call you back and let you know whether he thinks he can help you.

If his answer is "YES" then he'll probably ask you to send him a round-trip airline ticket (Coach of course) from Baltimore, Maryland to your location.  Along with an inexpensive room reservation (if needed), just as long as it's clean - nothing fancy. Or if things "click" an amazing amount can be done by phone and E-mail.  (Like the letter Glenn dictated by phone that increased a Health Club's business by 37%.)

If, after spending the day, the two of you strike up a good rapport and he agrees to work with you on a contingency basis then you'll work together to put together an "Action Summary."  If a contingency arrangement isn't appropriate then maybe a "per project" fee is more feasible.  

Whatever you work out, he will doubtless have given you so many profitable ideas that it'll take you years to implement everything.  Even if you don't agree to a long term relationship you'll get your money's worth!

To Guarantee that, Glenn has prepared a special Marketing Report Containing:

a.  A Self Test:  Will Glenn Double My Sales or Quantum Leap Them 10 Times?

b.  A Mind Map: Two questions that help you focus on what you really want.

c.   A Quiz Which Allows Glenn To Cut Your Work Hours By 50%.

d.  A Marketing Headline quiz that will prove to you that nobody really
  knows what people will respond to until you do Marketing tests.

He told me he has prepared only 25 reports.  He figures he will find two or three clients whose profits he can boost many times from among the first 25.  

Remember, Glenn prefers that he only get paid after you have made many thousands in profits you would have never had.  If you don't profit, he doesn't get paid.  That is a completely "No Risk" offer.

Glenn's office number is (410) 429-8909. - Which he Answers BY Appointment Only. Email 1st to Make An Appointment at - His address at the Farm is Glenn Osborn - 15124 Dover Rd, Reisterstown, MD 21136

Thanks for listening, Ed Forteau - E-mail me anytime at